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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Jason Lamb

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How to Share the Gospel

On the Spot

Why you (and your students) should never skip the invitation

Leading a Youth Ministry

Evangelism – Where Do I Begin?

I was recently reflecting on that pivotal moment in my spiritual journey and ministry when I realized how poorly I was doing at evangelism. When I say poorly, I really

Youth Outreach Ideas

Tribal Evangelism

It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t expected. But God allowed a unique experience in sharing the Gospel to unfold on one of our mission trips last summer that was one of the

Youth Outreach Ideas

Serving Our School

This past year I began planting the seed with our students of living THE Cause of Christ on their school campuses. Some students immediately gravitated to this idea and began

Youth Outreach Ideas

Mission & Movie Night

This outreach idea has a little something for everybody. It has purpose, fun, creativity, and it’s gospel-centric. It’s actually pretty cool for me to look back and think how this

Youth Outreach Ideas

High School Football and Evangelism

It’s football season! Life doesn’t get much better than this. And as a Youth Pastor, I love getting out on Friday nights for our High School’s home football games. It

Evangelism Tools, Apps and Videos

Facebook Evangelism

Facebook continues to grow as the largest social media hub used by just about every demographic. I even heard on the news this week that Facebook cracked the Forbes 500

Youth Outreach Ideas

Adopting a Neighborhood

One of the key initiatives of our church is called, “We Love Mountain View!” Mountain View is the most neglected and underfunded elementary school in our city. In response to

Prioritizing Evangelism

My Multi-PLIED Strategy

Greg Stier wrote an article explaining Dare 2 Share’s “multi-PLIED” strategy: Pray, Live, Inspire, Equip, Deploy. I absolutely love this strategy and after reading his article decided to write out my

Evangelism Tools, Apps and Videos

Leveraging Social Media

I continue to hold onto and strive for my vision of a Student Ministry where our students are disciple making machines. I can’t wait to see a day where most,

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