Facebook Evangelism
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Facebook Evangelism



Facebook continues to grow as the largest social media hub used by just about every demographic. I even heard on the news this week that Facebook cracked the Forbes 500 list for 2012-13. With such momentum behind one of the most ingenious social media tools, there is great opportunity to use Facebook and leverage it for proclaiming the Gospel. Below the video are some initiatives I have come across that seem to effectively use Facebook (and other social media platforms) to advance the Gospel. Unfortunately, it seems that for every effective way to do so, there are even more ineffective and even offensive ways that we can use Facebook in our attempts to proclaim God’s Good News.

Here are a few of the more effective ways I’ve seen social media used to rally students to advance the Gospel!

  1. Sharing images that contain Bible verses. It’s pretty simple, but statistics have shown that more social media users take time to look at pics and graphics than they do to read updates. A quick way to get a shot of God’s truth into the lives of others is by posting or sharing these images.
  2. Taking an Online Mission Trip. As you can see from the website, it’s been a few years since my good friend and fellow Dare 2 Share R&R blog author has formally organized one of these “trips,” but the idea and principles still apply. You and your teens should try it!
  3. Dare 2 Share’s NEW App! That’s right, Dare 2 Share released an evangelism training app and it is a great way to get all of your smart phone using students to engage their amazing training and more importantly, actually engage their peers in the flesh, with conversations about the Gospel. DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

What are other ways you and your students are leveraging social media to advance the Kingdom and share the Gospel? What are your thoughts regarding the “forward the ‘gospel’ if you love Jesus” type strategies? What is actually working in the realm of sharing the Gospel via social media?

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