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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
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As a youth pastor, it is important to take care of your flock

Youth Pastors: Take Care of the Flock 

5 things God wants us to remember as we shepherd teenagers

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a student wandering away from the group the same way he might have wandered away from his faith

When Students Wander 

3 powerful reminders to keep you encouraged if your former students stray from their faith

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When students don't put their faith in christ don't panic

When They Don’t Put Their Faith in Jesus 

Lessons learned from sharing the Gospel with my mom—for 9 long years.

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Post Featured Image - Living the Cause

Display Your Bold Vision

8 awesome ways to highlight your youth group’s goals and keep students on mission

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A youth ministry that is hyped

Youth Ministry Events: How to Get Students Hyped

3 key—but often missed—steps for motivating students to show up and bring their friends.

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An image of a man reading a book representing Dare 2 Share's blog titled 6 Essentials for Youth Leader Training.

6 Essentials for Youth Leader Training

Discover the key elements of youth leader training that empower leaders to make a lasting impact and confidently lead in...

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Simple Ways to Share Jesus This Christmas

When it comes to sharing the Gospel this time of year, how ...

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Stay in the Gospel Fight

When I was in middle school, Rodney was our neighborhood “Karate Kid.” ...

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An Evangelist’s Biggest Temptation

Every evangelist faces a huge temptation. No, I’m not talking about sexual ...

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