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Get the training and faith-sharing tools that will help your teens share Jesus’ message of grace with their friends around the world in their own unique, compelling way. After your youth group has downloaded and enjoyed the content, they can share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email

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Do you ever feel like you need a breakthrough in your youth ministry?

Building a youth ministry can be incredibly frustrating. You got into ministry to see teens reached for Christ, but those dreams got lost somewhere in the daily process of “doing” ministry. To top it off, parents, church members, and senior pastors all have different expectations about what you should be doing. No wonder so many youth leaders burnout in their first two years.

The key to true impact is creating a context where evangelism thrives…

Dare 2 Share has more than 25 years of experience training students and youth leaders on how to share their faith and build a Gospel Advancing Ministry. At Dare 2 Share, we've got you covered with everything from FREE youth pastor resources, to FREE apps to help your teens to share their faith. Browse some of our top resources and content below and take your youth group to the next level!

Free Youth Leader Resources

FREE Youth Leader Resources

At Dare 2 Share, we have an amazing lineup of resources for you to activate your group in evangelism.

Youth Ministry Books

Popular youth ministry books including ones by Dare 2 Share's very own founder, Greg Stier!

Youth Ministry Products

From training resources to clothing design to start a Gospel Conversation, check out the D2S Store for all sorts of great resources and products

FREE Resources for Teens

Teens need quality faith resources. We've got everything from apps to sites that will get your teens energized and mobilized to spread the good news!

Youth Devotionals

At D2S, we've built out years of great content geared at deepening teenagers’ faith and equipping them to share it.

Gospel Advancing Ministry

It's a philosophy that's changing the world of youth ministry. Learn how to become a gospel advancing youth ministry that thrives!

Gospel Advancing Ministry is the key to mobilizing the next generation

We equip youth leaders like you with the tools and training to build Gospel Advancing Ministries that will mobilize teenagers for evangelism and disciple multiplication

Gospel Advancing Ministry

Reaching an entire generation through youth leaders everywhere

Most people who trust Christ do so before they turn 18. Learn what Dare 2 Share is doing to reach all 25 million teenagers in the United States and join our efforts to share the gospel with this generation and turn our nation back to Jesus.

Learn more about our approach Get Involved reaching teenagers

Upcoming Youth Ministry Events & Youth Leader Training

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Helping you grow disciples who are passionate about their faith and reaching their world with the gospel. Join us this coming summer of 2020.


One Day, One Message, One Hope for your community!

Inspire your teenagers and equip them to spread the Gospel

When teenagers evangelize their friends your youth ministry will grow! Learn how to create a deep and wide youth ministry with one of our FREE ebook resources.

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Youth leader resources that inspire and equip teens to share their faith.

At Dare 2 Share, we have an amazing lineup of resources for your group to activate Gospel-sharing, empowered teen leaders that will change the world. From youth group curriculum to youth leader training to Christian clothing, we’ve got you covered with the best youth ministry resources on the planet!

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See the latest happening in the world of #StuMin

Stories, articles, practical tips and more. All geared at helping you take your youth ministry to the next level!

Intercessory Prayer is the Fuel

As a youth leader, you stand up and pray on behalf of your students every single week. You work hard to encourage, exhort, and train them to be leaders in their school and community. Don’t lose hope. Energize and mobilize your teens to advance the gospel to their world and multiply disciples!

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Youth ministry curriculum designed to help your teens experience exponential spiritual growth

For 25 years, Dare 2 Share has led large-scale, high-impact conferences. We've taken all of these and repackaged them to launch our brand new event series, Event in a Box.

Check out our exclusive Fearless series that includes resources, training, and more!

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Featured Product

Put some “kick” in your youth ministry

Has your youth ministry felt a bit bland lately? It's time to spice it up with the gospel and recapture the joy, excitement, and transformation you've been longing to see—and that Jesus promised!

Greg Stier unpacks the model found in the book of Acts, unveiling the seven key ingredients present within the early church, and shows how you can blend them together today to create a gospelized youth ministry that results in dynamic Kingdom growth.

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Helping train 55,000+ youth leaders worldwide

Helping train 55,000+ youth leaders worldwide

Dare 2 Share is your premier source for building a gospel advancing, disciple-multiplying youth ministry! We produce quality resources that help mobilize and equip teenagers to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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