My Multi-PLIED Strategy
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

My Multi-PLIED Strategy



Greg Stier wrote an article explaining Dare 2 Share’s “multi-PLIED” strategy: Pray, Live, Inspire, Equip, Deploy. I absolutely love this strategy and after reading his article decided to write out my Multi-PLIED Strategy that I’ve been creating, implementing, and changing in my Student Ministry.

I try to maintain a daily prayer time, praying for our Student Ministry, lost friends of our students, and lost students who visit our programs. I also pray for my lost friends, family, and acquaintances. Monday mornings our Student Ministry team gathers for 45 minutes praying for these same things. The next step for our ministry’s prayer efforts is to begin meeting before our programming and includes both adults and students.

I’m grateful that I have a wife and son who are evangelistically minded. We actually make evangelism a family experience. When we are out at a skate park or playground we look for opportunities to share the Gospel with people we meet. Where I’d like to improve is witnessing with family members. I have started conversations with a few of them (cousin, half-brother) but struggle to close the gap. I am willing to broach the subject but hesitate in expressing any urgency for them to make a decision.

When I preach I tell stories of my evangelistic encounters (successes, failures, everything in between). I make it a point to highlight in scripture, whatever we are studying, that God’s purpose is to reveal Himself to the world. We have an incredible opportunity to join Him on mission in reaching the lost. I’ll know it’s beginning to catch on when we start seeing traction and get more and more students excited about sharing their faith. A great resource that has helped inspire our students is Greg Stier’s, Firestarter.

I use the Life in 6 Words acrostic for equipping students to share their faith: God, Our, Sins, Paying, Everyone, Life. I have introduced this to our students by sharing the GOSPEL every week at large group. Now that there is familiarity with it we will launch our next ministry year with the Life in 6 Words: the Gospel Explored. Not only will it equip our students to share their faith but it will also take them deep into the theology of it as well!

This is the area of my greatest focus for our next ministry year. I want to see our students shift from viewing evangelism as a planned outreach event. I want them to realize their potential to be the outreach event and live a life of evangelism by sharing the Gospel on their campuses. When this begins I’ll know we have deployed our teens with the message and mission of Christ!

So, what is your multi-PLIED strategy? Are there any of these areas that you are excelling at or have good ideas to share? We’d love to know what they are so join in the conversation by posting your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below!

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