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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

10 Ways to Take Advantage of Us! Really!



We really do WANT you to take advantage of us! That is, we really do want you to take advantage of Dare 2 Share’s FREE STUFF that will help you motivate and mobilize your teenagers to reach their generation for Christ!

But because Dare 2 Share offers so many evangelism training freebies, it’s easy for some of our gems to get lost in the shuffle. That’s why my energize series this summer has been featuring a different D2S freebie each issue.

For your convenience, I thought I’d consolidate what we’ve covered so far in this series into one quick list…

Today, I want to familiarize you with Freebie #10—all things related to THE Cause.

THE Cause of Christ

For those who aren’t familiar with the term “THE Cause,” it’s our way of referring to the last and lasting mandate of Jesus to “go and make disciples of all nations,” as found in Matthew 28:19.

Basically, THE Cause is a culturally relevant term for what has traditionally been described as “The Great Commission.”

Did you know that the term “The Great Commission” is not actually found in any Bible verse? In fact, it first appeared as section heading in the Scofield Bible in 1907.  While I’m sure the word “commission” was very hip and motivating back in 1907, most teenagers today only associate the word with sales people. If you refer to “The Great Commission,” the typical teen either scratches his/her head in confusion or tunes you out. Instead of being a ringing call to a grand mission, it’s just as likely to stir thoughts of the 20% commission your cell service sales guy might have earned off you.

So while “commissions” don’t capture our teens’ imaginations or stir their passions, they do live in a cause-centric world. Why not leverage their interest in causes and unleash them for THE Cause of all causes – THE Cause of Christ – making disciples who make disciples?

6 Free Tools for Launching THE Cause

To help you motivate and equip your teens to live for THE Cause of Christ, we’ve developed several free Cause tools. Take advantage of them out through the links provided below!

  • Training for YOU
    • Live THE Cause Podcast Series for Youth Leaders.Help your teens launch THE Cause with this essential evangelism training series featuring Greg Stier.
    • Take 5 for THE Cause. Creating a storytelling culture where teens encourage and pray for each other will build a common purpose and vision for your group as they accomplish THE Cause together. Take a few minutes each week to tell Cause-related stories that will inspire others to join THE Cause.
  • Training for Your STUDENT LEADERS or YOUTH GROUP
    • Live THE Cause podcast series. Learn how to live THE Cause out loud in my evangelism training podcast series.
    • GOSPEL Journey Tools. Get your teens trained and equipped to clearly explain the gospel to their friends.
    • THE Cause Circle. Teens’ most significant circle of influence is among their friends. In fact, a teenager has 100 times more influence on their friend than a stranger does! Check out THE Cause Circle, a tool designed to help teens reach their friends with the gospel.
    • Choose the Schools Your Youth Group Will Adopt. Be part of the movement to reach every high school and middle school in America with Jesus’ message. Join the team of individuals or groups adopting schools in your area at everyschool.com.

Jesus’ came to seek and save the lost. And that’s what we AND our teenagers should be about, too! So help them catch a vision for THE Cause of Christ. Then get them trained and equipped to reach those in their circle of influence who need to hear about Jesus. Take advantage of us! Really!

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