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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Youth Ministry

Discipleship, Teaching Teens to Follow Jesus

The Power of Everyday Caring

Teach your teens these super-simple ways to care for their friends.

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Evangelism Tools, Apps and Videos

5 Free Youth Bible Studies

Low budget? No problem. These no-cost youth group lessons and small group studies are dynamite.

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Evangelism Tools, Apps and Videos

Outreach Training Made Easy

Dare 2 Share LIVE Replay places free, high-quality evangelism coaching at your fingertips.

youth pastors need support
Encouragement for Youth Pastors

Why Youth Pastors Need Each Other

Frodo had the “Fellowship”; the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Here’s how to assemble the crew that will help you accomplish your mission.

Youth Pastors: Don't Lose Heart
Encouragement for Youth Pastors

Youth Pastors: Don’t Lose Heart!

Your youth group isn’t in a slump—it’s just growing roots. The harvest will be plentiful in time.

Dont stop believing
Encouragement for Youth Pastors

Don’t Stop Believing

How to stay on track in your Gospel Advancing youth ministry journey

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Gospel Advancing Ministry

What Is a Gospel Advancing Youth Leader?

Gospel Advancing youth leader (‘gäs-pǝl ǝd-‘van(t)s-iŋ ‘lē-der): one who shares the Gospel personally and mobilizes teenagers to do the same

free youth ministry resources

Free youth ministry curriculum, books, evangelism training, ebooks, videos, and more! Download your free resources now and grow your youth ministry.