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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Level Up your Youth Ministry at Lead THE Cause this Summer!



Lead THE Cause is a weeklong summer camp alternative that empowers teens to become passionate disciples, equipped with a solid understanding of the Gospel, effective tools for sharing it, and opportunities to engage their communities. Each year, has a new theme that reflects a passage from the Bible, and it is time to reveal this year’s theme.

Drum Roll Please… LTC 2024’s theme is:

“Level Up” based on Ephesians 6
LTC 24 Theme Graphic "Level Up"

Today’s teens are in a spiritual battle, whether they know it or not. LEVEL UP will teach them to be aware of the tools and armor God has given them so that they can stand firm and engage in the fight. They’ll learn that they’ve already been given what it takes to be bold witnesses for Christ in their world, and they will be called to take their spiritual lives and their leadership to the next level.

Students will be challenged to pray fiercely, care deeply, and share the Gospel with those who are lost. They will engage in group sessions, workshops, activities where they will go out and put what they are learning into real time action, and strategic planning for reaching their community back home.

The one week intensive equips students, solidifies what they are learning, and mobilizes them to do it all year long.

You don’t want to miss out on what God is going to do during this week!

Check out what two previously attending leaders wanted to share:

I had a couple students come the first year and they came back on fire, sharing how much of an impact LTC was in their faith and equipping them to reach their friends. The following year we brought nearly 4x the students, and when they went back home they were going into the communities, and sharing their faith with peers and neighbors on their own. One student, in particular, came back after year 2 and shared the Gospel with his basketball coach, started a Bible study with his basketball team, and had a huge heart change.”

“Also, I had a student pull me out during worship at LTC in tears and put razor blades in my hand saying they were done and fully trusting Jesus with their life! LTC has been such a blessing in me and my students lives, as well as in our community.”

– Youth Leader, Carter

“Our students this last year after going to LTC for 2-3 years said GOSPEL Conversations have become “normal” for them. We flew to LTC this year, and on our way back you should have seen their boldness in the airport and on our plane ride home!”

–  Youth Leader, Scott

Check out this case study about what ltc did for a youth group in ohio:

Sign your group up for LTC to ignite students’ passion for discipleship!

Don’t miss out on this transformative summer camp experience if you want to see your students’ faith flourish and their passion for spreading the Gospel ignite. Our camp welcomes students who have never shared their faith before, yet they leave having led multiple Denver community members to Christ, empowered to share the Gospel in their own communities. Register your students now to experience the power the week holds.

Lead THE Cause 2024 will be an amazing week. Your students will have a one-of-a-kind chance to be equipped and mobilized for sharing their faith, so they can continue doing so all year long. Join us and watch your ministry “Level Up” this year.

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