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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Why a Second Year at Lead THE Cause is 100% Worth It

Is a second year at LTC beneficial for students who have already experienced it? Check out why one student says a second year is 100% worth it.



A student’s first time at Lead THE Cause (LTC) can be the experience that awakens vibrant faith and ignites a passion for sharing the gospel. We’ve heard tons of stories from students and youth leaders to prove it! But does a second year at LTC hold the same kind of powerful, life-transforming experience as the first year?

High school student Kiley Anderson went to her second Lead THE Cause event in Austin, Texas last summer. Here’s how she describes her alumni experience:

Kiley’s Second Year LTC Testimony

As Kiley mentioned, first and second year students receive different Core Training during LTC. Core Training is where students dive into gospel sharing strategies and practice gospel conversations with each other. As a returner, Kiley was part of the second year track that takes students deeper into the how’s and why’s of sharing their faith.

“The Core Training has been really cool,” Kiley said. “I’m on the alumni track and we get to go more into apologetics… instead of just reviewing the basics of sharing the gospel. We got to learn more about defending our faith, which I think is going to be really helpful.”

Another difference between Kiley’s first and second year experiences was the outreach time where students have gospel conversations in the real world. “We mixed up our alumni and our rookie kids who hadn’t been here before,” she explained. “Getting to watch them do their first Lead THE Cause experience was really cool.”

If you’re wondering if LTC is worth taking students to for a second or third time, consider how the training, knowledge, and experience of another year will build on what they’ve previously learned at LTC. It could be just what your teens need to strengthen their faith and deepen their love for the lost.

“I would recommend Lead THE Cause because in my personal walk… I feel so much closer to Christ,” says Kiley. “I go home feeling closer to Christ and knowing that I can share my faith.”

If you want to see the teens in your youth group grow exponentially in their faith and evangelism skills, don’t wait another minute to look into Lead THE Cause. For more information about LTC 2019, you can request your free Info Kit here!

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