Dare 2 Share Live - A Youth Evangelism Conference for all Church Sizes
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

A one-day, livestream youth group event to inspire teens in their faith and train them to spread the Gospel.



In a world that desperately needs Jesus, your teens need to be equipped to spread



in 2022 for this powerful day of youth evangelism training and community outreach from Dare 2 Share Ministries.


Your students will see the lost around them


They’ll learn a clear Gospel message and how to share it relationally


They get the chance to serve and share in the community


Your students will be activated for the Gospel

more than a youth group event, it's a day

to change


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What's included

check out stories from the 2021 event

Through prayer, praise, and God’s Word, we shared the Gospel with our communities… Thank you D2S for equipping and encouraging us!

Grace Point Hoboken


We had a great day at D2S LIVE! We learned to share the Gospel and got to practice as we cared and prayed for our community! Our students were courageous and we had a blast!

Storyline Students


Thankful for this past Saturday where we gathered in Irvine for Dare 2 Share! It was an impactful time…

Acts 2 Fellowship


Dare 2 Share Live was incredible! 11 students indicated that they trusted Christ and students shared the Gospel 135 times during our outreach time! God is working and may He continue to show his love!

PICC Student Ministry

Dare 2 Share Ministries has been a huge blessing… it’s helped my students go from having a ministry mindset to a movement mindset.


Youth Leader

I love the ministry of Dare 2 Share! They are doing evangelism training better than anyone.


Youth Pastor

This year at Dare 2 Share LIVE, teens will hear the powerful call from Acts 1:8 to be Christ’s witnesses across the street, across the tracks and around the world. To answer that call, students must first understand where that power and anointing comes from, that when they are drenched with the Spirit of God, in the power of God, for the mission of God, they will change the world.

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