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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.


Teaching Teens the Bible

It’s All About Life!

“As large as life…” “For dear life…” “Come to life…” Whenever we hear these familiar phrases, we immediately grasp the concepts. Life is a big deal. It’s important and precious.

Teaching Teens the Bible

Are You a Narrow-Minded Bigot?

Exclusivist. Narrow. The gospel message of “faith alone in Christ alone” often gets painted as narrow-minded, exclusive and decidedly unPC. But does following Jesus and believing He is “the way,

Discipleship, Teaching Teens to Follow Jesus

EUREKA! Helping Teens “Get” God’s Relational Nature

Do your teenagers grasp the deep, profoundly beautiful Biblical truth that God created us to be with Him? When someone really starts to get their mind around the personal, relational

Discipleship, Teaching Teens to Follow Jesus

Will Your Teenagers Score a Perfect 10?

Looking for a quick, easy way to assess the level of your students’ theological understanding? Here it is: Ask them to give you a one minute summary of the message

Teaching Teens the Bible

3 Key Steps to Maximizing Our God-Given Gear

Do you want to help your students utilize their God-given evangelism gear for maximum impact? Of course, you do! So to wrap up this series on our amazing array of

Prioritizing Evangelism

Did the Early Christians Wear Toga T-Shirts?

Jesus told His followers that they had something to prove to the watching world. What was it? That they were fully surrendered followers of Jesus! How did they prove this

Discipleship, Teaching Teens to Follow Jesus

The Death of Hypocrisy: A Life of Doing Good

There is something powerful about a life of doing good deeds for other people. When Mother Teresa was alive, she had earned the respect of the entire planet because of

Gospel Advancing Ministry

The Secret Prayer Life of Teenagers

It’s a truth widely acknowledged. When life gets uncomfortable, we get more serious about prayer. For many teenagers, adolescence is uncomfortable. What do others think of me? I don’t like

How to Share the Gospel

The Gospel as Spiritual Grenade

The gospel is a kind of spiritual grenade. It’s powerful in and of itself. Like a grenade, it doesn’t matter who pulls the pin and lobs it into a conversation—whether

Teaching Teens the Bible

Let the Word Do Its Work

As we continue to explore our spiritual backpacks and better understand how to use some of the essential pieces of our God-given faith-sharing gear, let’s take a look at another

Discipleship, Teaching Teens to Follow Jesus

Tapping into that Inner Moral Compass

God has provided a whole range of mission critical gear that can help your students enter the spiritual battle and wage war, not on their friends but for their friends.

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