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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
how to share the Gospel

with people of other religions, or no religion at all

Have friends who are atheists? Agnostics? Into Wicca? We’ve reviewed thirteen predominate worldviews and found insights to help you effectively share the Gospel with others.

But first, we need to know how to approach a Gospel conversation. Check out this video with Greg Stier for an overview on navigating these conversations.


When you share the Gospel with someone who believes differently than you about Jesus, focus on listening first. Then, make sure to start with the strategy that we call “Ask, Admire, Admit.”

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Ask them questions about what they believe, not to trap them, but to understand them and break down any relational barriers that are keeping them from considering Jesus.


Admire everything you can about what your friend believes to help them open up. Don’t affirm their sin, but affirm their honesty. Find areas of common ground you can compliment them on.


Admit that the reason you are a Christian is that you know you’ve fallen short and need someone to rescue you. That someone is Jesus.

As you ask honest questions, admire what you can about others’ beliefs, and admit your own need for Jesus, you’ll find others becoming open to hearing the Gospel message. Use this opportunity to engage in a real conversation about Jesus and His Good News!

learn to share your faith with friends of different worldviews

Before witnessing to friends with different beliefs, we need to know how to witness in an informed, loving, and relational way. Click on an article to find out more about the thirteen predominant worldviews you may encounter.