The Youth Evangelism Conference That Lit Up a Dark Year - Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

The Youth Evangelism Conference That Lit Up a Dark Year


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How would you describe 2020? Difficult, scary, confusing, heartbreaking? Those words ring true, but the word “dark” captures much of what the world experienced this past year. People desperately needed light, healing, and comfort. And in the darkness of 2020, Dare 2 Share LIVE—a youth evangelism conference—became more than just a fun event for teens. It was a ray of hope to the lost and hurting.

A Youth Evangelism Conference to Train and Equip

Dare 2 Share LIVE (LIVE) is the leading youth evangelism conference where teens learn the full Gospel message and gain tools to share it with others. The 2020 theme for LIVE was Jesus Is Life, a timely message for hurting teens whose definition of “life” was completely disrupted.

Here’s a quick rundown of what students across the nation experienced at LIVE 2020:

  • Powerful training from top evangelism and youth ministry speakers Greg Stier, Zane Black, and Jerrod Gunter
  • Simultaneously hilarious and inspirational skits from the Skit Guys
  • A time of nationwide worship led by Vertical Worship
  • Learning to engage with their lost friends through the Life in 6 Words app
  • Opportunity to serve and encourage their local neighbors (from a safe distance)

Check out the video below for a closer look at the inspirational day that students experienced via simulcast at Dare 2 Share LIVE 2020.

Get Your Students Involved In Christ’s Mission

Our world is still facing tough times—especially teenagers. Isolation from friends, abnormal school routines, and financial stress on many families has teens everywhere coping the best they know how. They desperately need the message of hope that only the Gospel can provide, and YOUR students can be the ones to share it!

Dare 2 Share LIVE 2021 is going to be another powerful event where teens learn how to share their faith and get the chance to serve others in Jesus’ name. It’s a free, simulcast event streamed live from Denver, Colorado that can be experienced anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection!

You’ll never regret taking steps to inspire your teens to pursue God and training them to reach others with His love. Learn more about how to bring this effective simulcast youth evangelism conference to your church on November 13th, 2021!

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