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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
a Gospel Advancing Ministry has

leaders in alignment

The second phase of the Gospel Advancing journey is about getting buy-in from your leadership team (adults and students). You need them to be personally committed to prayer and relational evangelism along with you.

get others on board

Unity within your leadership team is critical for seeing real change take place in your ministry. Students want to know that their leaders are doing the very things you are asking of them. When they see your team living out prayer and faith-sharing, they will start to join in.

Plus, you need to prepare for new students and new believers to be joining your youth ministry. This will require a team of leaders who understand how to respond to new believers and who can train students in faith-sharing and life-on-life discipleship.

Helpful Tools

Here are some resources to use in your programming to help grow a missional mindset within your youth.


Having a clear, comprehensive Gospel message is critical. We’ve created an acrostic to help students (and adults!) remember the whole message so they can share the Good News of Jesus clearly.


A comprehensive guide to Gospel Advancing Ministry and how to work out the 7 values within your youth group. Take your leadership team through the book, and watch the additional videos to get your whole team aligned with Gospel Advancing.


This app is free and can help your group build a missional lifestyle. This great tool not only helps you share the Gospel but lets you set up people in your Cause Circle. You can also set up groups so your whole youth group can unite to reach your schools and communities.


A fantastic discipleship resource from our friends at Sonlife. 4 Chair Discipling will help your team lay a strong foundation for your disciple multiplication strategy.

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Building a ministry that’s all about advancing the Gospel in and through your students isn’t always easy. But there’s a growing community of youth leaders who are on this journey with you and would love to help you walk it out in your own ministry.

Join the growing movement of youth leaders who want a thriving youth ministry and let’s reach the world for Christ!