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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Build Momentum in Your Youth Group

What football games and sharing the Gospel have in common



With the new school year and fall in full swing, football is back! When you attend a game, you’re surrounded by others who share a similar passion, and goal. Being in a shared space creates excitement, power, and connection. If you’ve ever high-fived a complete stranger sitting near you after your team scores a game-ending dramatic touchdown, you know what I’m talking about.

This fall, I want to invite you, your team of adult leaders, and your students to an experience that provides those same feelings but is greater than any football game. It creates excitement, power, and long-lasting impact in the lives of your students and community. That experience is Dare 2 Share LIVE.

My youth group—based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa—has been involved with the LIVE event for years, and it has consistently accelerated and strengthened a Gospel Advancing ministry focus among our students and adults. We’ve seen great encouragement, energy, passion, and impact from this event that has helped fuel our ministry throughout the year. But why should your group be involved?

The Power of Community

Joining with and sharing this experience with others is powerful and memorable—like being in a big football stadium. But unlike a football game, joining with others in your group or community to help more students hear the Gospel from a friend will have significant eternal results.

Dare 2 Share LIVE will help students see they’re not alone in trying to reach their lost friends. That peer support provides momentum and strength for students to lean in, press on, and engage in Gospel conversations with their friends, even when it’s hard.

I also encourage you to reach out to other youth leaders and churches in your community to pray with and strategize how you can bring your groups together to advance the Gospel. One way we’ve done that is by inviting worship-team members from other churches to lead our worship and prayer times for LIVE. This has given us a sense of true ministry partnership, and it communicates to the students attending that we’re working together to advance the Gospel in our community.

The Power of Training and Outreach

Through LIVE, you’ll receive top-quality, biblically centered, and professionally produced content that will help your students catch the vision of sharing the Gospel with those around them and equip them to reach their friends and community effectively. Best of all—it’s free to register and participate!

Your students will not only be taught well, but they’ll also apply what they learn through an afternoon outreach experience that you identify and plan. Some great outreach options are:

  • Going door-to-door to collect canned food for a food bank and asking the residents how you can pray for them.
  • Serving neighbors in tangible ways (raking leaves, moving furniture, etc.).
  • Going to a skate park or shopping area and engaging in conversations with the people there.
  • Throwing a block party with free hot dogs, face painting, and games.

The combination of teaching and outreach has given my students more awareness of the needs in our community, a deeper trust and reliance on the Lord for Gospel conversations, and a greater resolve and confidence in how they can be praying for, caring for, and sharing the Gospel with their friends. LIVE has helped my students take the principles from theory to practice and activate them in real life.

The Power of the Gospel

As ministry leaders, we’ve experienced how the Gospel has changed our own lives, and we’re eager to see it transform the lives of our students and their friends. At LIVE, your students will come to better understand the Gospel and the power it has to transform not only their own lives but friends’ lives as well.

Each year there are students who attend our site who leave with a new relationship with Christ and then begin their journey of disciple-making. It’s a joy to be part of this growth process. We often see them grow in their burden to share the Gospel with their friends, and then return to LIVE next year with their own friends. Disciple-multiplication at work!

The Power of the Next Step

So, what’s your next step? What’s stopping you from helping your students and others in your community from attending, experiencing, and benefiting from attending Dare 2 Share LIVE?

Prayerfully consider registering for this free event, and then connecting with youth leaders and churches in your area to join you. Let’s rally together to see the Gospel advance all around our communities and world! #Letsgo

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