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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

52 Weeks of Top-Notch Youth Ministry Curriculum for FREE! 

No budget? No problem. Tap into a year’s worth of no-cost lessons that will disciple your students and transform your ministry.



Are you feeling behind in your youth ministry planning, with all the other things you’re called to do? Do the week-to-week programming decisions wear you out? Want some fresh, easy, and quick ways to plan out your Gospel Advancing year? Here are 52 weeks of free student ministry curriculum that will grow your students to the next level: 

1. Understanding God’s Love (four weeks) – The apostle Paul prayed that the Ephesian believers would “grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ” (Ephesians 3:18). Help make that prayer a reality in your students’ lives with these four Bible studies that highlight God’s amazing love for them. 

2. Full Circle (four weeks) – Full Circle dives into Luke 5:15-26, using games, video clips, and discussions to mobilize students to be more intentional about sharing their faith, emulating Jesus’s  “Prayer – Care – Share” approach. 

3. Walk to the Cross (one week) – Reignite your students’ passion as they journey through the last moments of Jesus’s life. Built around a powerful 20-minute video, the curriculum will remind your teens of all that Jesus endured to purchase our salvation. 

4. Life in 6 Words (seven weeks) – Greg Stier and spoken-word artist Propaganda delve into the theology of the Gospel message, explaining core concepts every follower of Jesus needs to grasp to fully understand the Good News. 

5. Hard Questions (four weeks) – Do your students know how to think biblically about LGBTQ issues? Can they clearly and compassionately communicate the Good News of Jesus to their peers—no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation? This four-week curriculum equips your students to answer tough questions about gender, sexuality, and identity, while wisely balancing love and truth.  

6. Knowing God (four weeks) – These four Bible studies help your students investigate the character of God and discuss the uniqueness of God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Trinity as a whole. 

7. Takeoff to Touchdown (four weeks) – This four-session youth curriculum first gives students biblical motivations to share their faith and then continues week by week, training them how to start, sustain, and gracefully wrap up meaningful conversations about God with the people in their lives. Includes original, animated video clips for instruction. 

8. Foundations (four weeks) – These four Bible studies will help your students understand and share essential theological truths every believer needs to know about Heaven and Hell, truth itself, Christ’s return, and the only way to God. 

9. Salt (five weeks) – Prepare teenagers for authentic, give-and-take spiritual conversations with their friends, by unpacking questions such as:  

  • What happens after we die? 
  • Why does God let bad things happen? 
  • What makes for good relationships? 

This series includes engaging videos that prompt great discussion. 

10. Growing with God (four weeks) – These four Bible studies will develop in your students four critical dimensions of every Christian’s walk with God: worship, Bible study, living in the power of the Holy Spirit, and connecting with other believers. 

11. Shine (six weeks) – Set in the Rocky Mountains with Greg Stier and a cast of six teens, this curriculum unpacks the why, what, and how of faith-sharing, utilizing videos from the group’s experience. It teaches them how to face their fears, find their motivation, master their message, share their story, engage their circle, and continue the conversation.  

12. Connecting with God  (four weeks) – These four Bible studies will inspire your students’ spiritual growth and relationship with God, helping them understand prayer, study the Bible, use God’s Word as a life compass, and worship God with their lives. 

13. The Conversation That Matters Most (one week) – This stand-alone, Gospel-urgency lesson includes a video, discussion questions, and more to help students understand why it’s important to share their faith with their friends.  

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