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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Why is Conference Ending? — D2S Lovin’ Youth Leaders get Their Answers



Dare 2 Share conferences are ending and if you’re familiar with Dare 2 Share, you know this was a weighty decision. For the last 25 years, Dare 2 Share has produced teen evangelism training conferences for youth groups across the nation, inspiring and equipping over 1 million teens to share their faith and make disciples who can make disciples.

So why end something so good? The answer is simple: We want to see even more impact and believe that we need a new plan to reach our vision….We’re making way for something else…

What’s Replacing Traditional Conferences?

Presenting Dare 2 Share Live! A national, live, multi-site training and outreach event designed to spark a movement of gospel conversations through the nation, primarily through teens.

Imagine 250,000 gospel conversations simultaneously taking place all over the nation on one day. Talk about a movement of the church at large!

As we’ve started sharing our vision, here are some of the questions we’ve come across:

  • Why? Conferences were so great!

We agree. That’s why the heart of conference still exists. For those youth leaders who loved taking their students to conference year after year, we’re not asking you to give up an event that does so much for your youth group. We’re inviting you to join us and other ministries across the nation for a movement that will equip more teens to reach more communities with the hope of the gospel. At Dare 2 Share, our vision is to see every teen everywhere hearing the gospel from a friend. To make this vision possible, we needed to tweak the structure of our events to reach more students.

  • Will the atmosphere be different?

Yes and no.

Depending on church host locations, the event may or may not be smaller than a traditional conference. However, your students will get the opportunity to see what it’s like being a part of a national movement of the church across America, happening at the same time, making the event feel larger than conferences they’ve experienced in the past.

We know that there’s something electric and inspiring about being at a live event. For that reason, each host site will have a worship band and emcee to engage audiences and give each atmosphere a conference feel. (We will train each emcee on how to engage the audience.)

  • Was this a change to sustain Dare 2 Share financially?

No. This change was made to expand Dare 2 Share’s impact. What Dare 2 Share Conference executed in 4 months and in a limited amount of cities, Dare 2 Share Live will accomplish in one day and in virtually any tech-approved church host site. We couldn’t be more excited to see how God is growing our dream of advancing the gospel to every teenager in America!

  • What’s better about Dare 2 Share Live?

More students can be trained. It’s true. The more host sites, the more room for local youth ministries to bring their students.

Local impact in your own neighborhoods. Previously, many youth groups would travel hours to get to conference. Now, youth groups can stay in their communities and bring impact to their own neighborhoods.

Potential for the event to grow as well as increased areas of impact. Since each location is determined by what churches around the U.S. want to host, there is potential for more areas to be impacted.

It will be a national movement. Join the youth groups of the U.S. together for a single cause on a single day and you get a national movement.

It’s only 1 (but extremely powerful) day. Even though the event is happening in one day (vs. two), we’ve combined all the same inspirational and training components of a 2-day conference event.

You’ll save youth ministry budget. Since these events are local, youth ministries will end up saving budget on traveling and hotel expenses! Your senior pastors will love this 🙂

Have more questions about Dare 2 Share Live and the transition from conference? Comment below and we’ll answer them!

Want to learn more about Dare 2 Share Live? Click here!

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