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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

The Streaming Only Option in a Nutshell

Can't make it to a Satellite Site this year? The Streaming Only option is a great way for your group to still participate in Dare 2 Share LIVE.



So, you want to bring your students to Dare 2 Share LIVE (LIVE), but the Satellite Site map doesn’t show one near you. How can your group still experience the powerful training of Dare 2 Share LIVE this year? 

Don’t Rule Out the Satellite Site Option Yet 

Honestly, traveling to a Satellite Site and making a weekend out of LIVE is seriously worth considering. It may mean a road trip and over-nighter are in your future, but attending an official Satellite Site will give your students the LIVE experience in its entirety. Each site will have a trained emcee, worship band, organized outreach experience, and more to engage and excite your students. Plus, you’ll get to network with fellow youth pastors who share your heart to see teens on fire for the gospel. 

We know this option may not be feasible for your groupthough, and perhaps your church can’t become its own Satellite Site either. For those who can’t experience LIVE at a traditional Satellite Site this year, we’re excited to offer a new Streaming Only option that you can access from wherever you’re located! 

The Streaming Only Experience in a Nutshell 

Even at a Streaming Only site, we know your students will have a powerful, transformative experience at LIVE. Through live stream, you’ll have access to the gospel training, skits, inspirational drama, and worship that all other LIVE sites will see. Your group will also get to watch the number of gospel conversations happening nationwide go up hour by hour through the Dare 2 Share LIVE app. However, there are some major differences between Satellite and Streaming Only sites. At a Streaming Only site 

  • There will be no trained emcee to facilitate the event. You (the leader) will facilitate the event for your group
  • There will be no live worship, unless you find a volunteer to lead it. 
  • You will need to plan your own outreach activity for the two-hour time slot when all LIVE attendees are out serving their communities. 

At a Streaming Only site, your group will still play an indispensable role in this nationwide gospel movement. If revival is going to happen, the whole body of Christ must step out and saturate every community with gospel conversations and acts of love and service. You and your students will be reaching your community for Christ at the same time as thousands of other believers, and that’s incredibly exciting! 

Check out the video below for a closer look at the Streaming Only option.

How to Become a Streaming Only Site 

Being a Streaming Only site requires a bit more than just logging on and pushing play. To become a Streaming Only site 

  • Your location must be 50+ miles away from any current Satellite Site. Fill out this form to double check. After you complete the form, we’ll reach out to you about the next steps to purchase your Streaming Only license.
  • Your location must meet the minimum technical requirements for the live stream (a stable internet connection, etc.) 
  • You must plan an outreach activity for the two-hour outreach time happening at all LIVE sites. 
  • You (the leader) will need to facilitate the event for your group. Don’t worry—we’ll provide you with notes and a video training to help you fulfill this role.

We’re incredibly excited and hopeful for the transformation and growth that will happen at every Dare 2 Share LIVE site, both Satellite and Streaming Only. We hope you and your students will join us and we’ll see you on October 12th! 

Check out more Dare 2 Share LIVE insider information and stories of impact on the LIVE Wire Blog. 

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