Prepare Your Students for a Lifetime of Fruitful Service and Leadership
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Prepare Your Students for a Lifetime of Fruitful Service and Leadership



Teaching teens about service and leadership can be tricky. Mission trips and service projects might help your students be more service-oriented for a week or two, but what’s the lasting impact once they go home to normal life?

The truth is that service opportunities can’t be just occasional supplements to your students’ faith. True Christian service and leadership isn’t simply doing nice things for people once in a while—its a constant attitude and lifestyle of serving Christ and others every day.

When service goes from an occasional action to a gospel-centered way of life, teens can begin a lifetime of real fruitful service and leadership.

The First Week of the Rest of Their Lives

Lead THE Cause may be only a one-week mission trip, but the lessons and experiences gained from that one week can stick with students long after it’s over.

With gospel advancement at the heart of LTC, students will gain a biblical perspective on service—that is—we love and serve others because Christ loved and served us first.

During the LTC outreach time, your teens will learn to use service and leadership as tools for sharing the gospel. Meeting people’s physical needs through service is awesome, but the end goal is to give them what they really need: Jesus Christ.

If Lead THE Cause isn’t on your ministry’s summer 2017 calendar yet, don’t wait any longer! This is a great opportunity for your students to gain lifelong lessons and experiences that will help develop their hearts for service and leadership in God’s kingdom. We’ll see you there!

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