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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Lead THE Cause 2023: Students Are Pursuing Life in REVERSE



This year at Lead THE Cause, our weeklong summer camp alternative, we saw teens step out in faith by committing to live life in REVERSE. Students had the opportunity to call and share the Gospel with family, friends, and coworkers already resulting in faith decisions! This is just the beginning of what these students will do. 

God’s presence was evident as we witnessed hearts change in students attending camp and in their loved ones around the country.

During the two weeklong events hosted at Colorado Christian University in summer 2023, we saw:

  • 631 total students and youth leaders attend
  • 2,371 total Gospel conversations
  • 210 total decisions for Christ made

Join us in celebrating God for the courage these students demonstrated in their unwavering faith. Without His guidance and direction, these achievements would not have been attainable.

At Lead THE Cause 2023, teens learned to live like Daniel

Throughout the course of a week, students got to pray and care for others, as well as share the Gospel, and develop a strategic plan for multiplying disciples when they return home. Through the events and sessions, students were inspired to live in REVERSE like Daniel did. In Daniel 6, he shows endurance and deep faith through his commitment to the Lord. Despite his life being at risk with a new law in place, he continued praying three times a day

In powerful messages, speakers Greg Stier, Zane Black and Jerrod Gunter revealed to students that living in REVERSE means:

  • Kneeling when others stand (living with a fierce devotion to prayer and the Word of God)
  • Standing when others kneel (refusing to bow to the cultural idols of our day)
  • Seeing what others don’t (having a vision of Jesus, like Daniel did, that gets us through life)
  • Doing what others won’t (stepping out to share the message of the Gospel with friends and strangers alike)
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What students and leaders are saying about Lead THE Cause 2023

Students and leaders had a lot to say about Lead THE Cause 2023:

“God’s been speaking to me about how I struggle with fear and not being enough, but this week has reminded me of how God uses imperfect people for eternal purpose!” 

“It’s life changing for sure. You get a whole new perspective on life and you really learn how to be a disciple of God. And you learn how to help others understand this life we have through Christ.”

“I have met people here now that I know I can reach out to in the future if I come across difficulty, who are more than happy and available to help.”

“I have a whole new vision for what it means to be on mission for Christ!”

Lead THE Cause 2023 was absolutely amazing! We are so excited to see what the upcoming year holds.

If you desire to provide your students with the chance to receive exceptional, transformative training on spreading the Gospel and cultivating a profound connection with Jesus, be sure to plan Lead THE Cause 2024 into your youth ministry calendar!


The event will take place at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO, and we’d be thrilled for you to attend with us. Join the LTC Insider List today to get info on dates and registration for this life changing event!

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