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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Laughing with The Skit Guys Before LIVE [Interview]



What could be better than combining faith with humor to really drive home spiritual truths? To The Skit Guys, not much. These hilarious Christian comedians are no strangers to making people roll with laughter, especially when it’s paired with teaching God’s Word.  

We tried interviewing them about their upcoming performance at Dare 2 Share LIVE on September 23rd, and, well, here’s what we got…

For those who haven’t seen or heard of you before (we’re not sure who that could be), how would you describe what you do?   

We are two friends from high school who do a unique hybrid of sketch comedy, improv, and a Bible-based Pilates routine. 

Why did you agree to come and perform at Dare 2 Share LIVE?   

We’ve never been a part of a telethon before and are hoping to help raise awareness and money for those suffering Stier-itis. 

Editor’s Note: Dare 2 Share LIVE is NOT a telethon! It’s a national, live, multi-site training and outreach event designed to launch a movement of gospel conversations.

Can you tell us a “fail” story of sharing your faith and how you handled it? 

We were scheduled to perform at an event with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. We were both so excited about this great opportunity.

As we were walking around the stadium, Eddie saw an older man sitting by himself. Since it was a performance day, we were already wearing our flesh-tone leotards and had our boombox with us. We both felt lead to perform our signature piece for this man in an attempt to reach him for the Lord. We hit play on the boombox and executed a flawless human video to Ray Boltz “Watch the Lamb!”

Though out of breath, we both made our way over to the man and asked if he had any questions. He said, “Why?” We replied, “We want you to know the joy that we have in knowing Christ.” He said, “No…I mean, why did you just do that? That was the single most bizarre and offensive thing I have seen in all my life. No matter what, I can’t unsee that!” We then discovered that older man was in fact Billy Graham, security escorted us out of the stadium and we never performed a human video again. 

When you are done performing on September 23, what do you hope the teens who see you walk away with? 

Hopefully, they walk away with the same group they came with. What an odd question. 

What’s your favorite joke? 

  • Tommy’s Answer: Greg Stier 
  • Eddie’s Answer: That one Tommy just told! 

Who do you think is funnier out of the two of you? 

  • Tommy’s Answer: This question is meant to cause division among us and I don’t think it is appropriate. I’m not going to dignify it with an answer and lose my ranking as funnier skit guy. 
  • Eddie’s Answer: Tommy is funnier looking, but I have mad comedy ninja skills and can kill you with my fists of funny! 

We’re so excited to have The Skit Guys bring it at Dare 2 Share LIVE this Fall!

Want to see more of The Skit Guys’ humor? Check out this video:

Get your teens laughing as they engage with their faith at Dare 2 Share LIVE. Register your group here!

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