Real Feedback from Dare 2 Share LIVE 2018 Attendees
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Real Feedback from Dare 2 Share LIVE 2018 Attendees

Want to know what Dare 2 Share LIVE is really like? Check out what these students, leaders, and volunteers have to say about their LIVE experiences.


Picture courtesy of Area Youth Ministry in Alameda, CA.

When thousands of teens across America rally together for a nationwide gospel-sharing movement, you know incredible things are going to happen. We could tell you how impactful of an event LIVE is from our perspective, but we’d rather let a few attendees who’ve experienced it do the talking! 

Here’s what students, leaders, and volunteers who attended Dare 2 Share LIVE in 2018 have to say about this event.

1. “Dare 2 Share was probably the best thing that has happened to me to boost my faith in over a year. I thank God for all the wonderful people who care so much to put all this into action. Now all I need to do is pray up and get going and share this GREAT news of Jesus Christ.” -Elizabeth, middle school student

2. “I love how passionate Dare 2 Share LIVE is and how they really want you to get out there and tell about Christ. They are so motivating and they really empowered me with God’s help with getting me to realize that awkward is awesome. So, thank you so much for doing this.” -Ashley, high school student

3. “[Dare 2 Share LIVE] was truly lifechanging for me. For a while before Saturday, I had been doubting Christ and my purpose as a person, but when I went out and watched my friends share, I was inspired and I know now that God is true and I believe he has called me to do his work… I love this event and I hope to join you for Lead THE Cause 2019 in Denver!” -Ellie, high school student

4. “This [Dare 2 Share LIVE] was lifechanging and is really shifting the way we disciple our high schoolers. Thank you all so much! I look forward to seeing you at LTC next summer.”                      -Ariana, youth leader

5. “I love Dare 2 Share LIVE! This was our second year hosting. We had three teenagers get saved this year! One during the invitation time, and two were led to Christ by one of the teenagers on the street during the outreach portion of the program! God is so good and He is so faithful!”         -Chris, youth pastor

6. “Thanks guys so much for doing this! I have been sharing my faith in school so this helped me to be more confident and energized. 🙂” -Kristi, high school student

7. “This was an amazing movement… I am thrilled to go to school on Monday and share with my classmates. This is the first time I feel prepared to share the gospel effectively.” -Cassie, high school student

8. “[Dare 2 Share LIVE] was really great. This was the first time that I had ever really shared my faith and it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.” -Jared, middle school student

9. “Thank you for putting together great events that equip teens to actively share their faith.”       -Erika, LIVE volunteer

Want to be part of the Dare 2 Share LIVE movement this year? We’re looking for churches in every part of the country to be satellite sites for LIVE 2019 happening on October 12th. As a satellite site, your church can become the hub for mobilizing teens and advancing God’s kingdom in your community. Sign up here to let us know you’re interested in becoming a satellite site and we’ll contact you soon! 

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