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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Checklist: 3 Things you Need for Dare 2 Share LIVE This Year



Dare 2 Share LIVE 2020 is less than a week away! There are over 300 churches signed up to participate and we are so stoked about what God is going to do through those teenagers. When students are captured by Christ’s cause to seek and save the lost, they become an unstoppable force!

We know that right now event planning and gatherings of any sort are really challenging. Many youth leaders don’t have a whole lot of margin to take on something new. But, because we truly believe in the power of this event and the potential of teenagers to change the world, we still encourage you join in!

Maybe you’re on the fence, or you’re wondering what it really takes to participate. Maybe you’ve heard us saying that it’s easy and you’re wondering if it really is as simple as we say. Well, keep reading! We’ll go over the three things you’ll need to participate in Dare 2 Share LIVE this year.

Your Dare 2 Share LIVE Checklist:

1. Internet

An all important lifeline these days, you will need a solid internet connection to be able to stream the live teaching, skits and worship. We recommend a dedicated, closed internet connection for the event. Streaming the event over WIFI may result in video issues. It is recommended to use a hard line/Ethernet cable to streaming computer. Recommended bandwidth for streaming is 10 Mbps down. Test your connection here.

2. A Screen

You need some sort of screen so your group can view the event. We recommend that you use adequate video projection and sound amplification for the size of room being used and the number of participants. There could be many different set ups for this depending on your context. You may be gathered all in one room or scattered in multiple locations. Click here to check out our post about your options for participating in Dare 2 Share LIVE during COVID times.

3. Outreach

An important part of the event is the Outreach Experience. That’s where students practice what they’ve learned and step out in faith to share the gospel. Whether you plan a time for your group to go out into your community to serve and share the gospel, or you opt for a more distanced, virtual approach, there are many ways to participate in outreach. We will help you make that plan after you’ve registered, but we’ve compiled a list of outreach ideas for Dare 2 Share LIVE this year that you can download here.

That’s it! Those are the three things you need to be able to participate in Dare 2 Share LIVE this year with your youth group.

More Ideas to Make it Even More Awesome

You only need the essentials, but there are a few other things that you could consider that will make your event run smoothly and be more enjoyable for your group. Here are a couple other ideas:

  • Designate an Emcee – choose an adult that can facilitate the event for your group, giving the welcome message and other messages as you transition to different sessions throughout the day. You will receive more information on what this can look like when you register.
  • Gather a Worship Band – there’s something powerful about believers worshipping God in a room together. If it’s possible, have a live worship band in your space. Maybe you ask some students with guitar or piano chops to lead a few songs, or involve the worship team at your church. This is not required, but it could be a cool addition to your day.
  • Have Students bring their Smartphones – throughout the day, there will be opportunities to engage with the event through an app called Life in 6 Words. Through the Dare 2 Share LIVE section, they can access event information, faith-sharing prompts and a map of the gospel conversations happening all around the world! If your students don’t have access to a smartphone, we provide alternative faith-sharing opportunities.
  • Provide Meals and Snacks – in all time zones, Dare 2 Share LIVE will span a meal, so try to think through your plan ahead of time. Make sure your food options fit within the schedule for the day and adhere to local guidelines for health and safety.
  • Participate with Another Church (if Possible) – one of the beautiful things about Dare 2 Share LIVE is the Church united around the gospel of Jesus Christ. If it is possible to join forces with another church in your area and experience the event together, do it! You could meet up for the outreach time and reach out to your community together.

You’re not in it alone!

If you’re interested in being a part of Dare 2 Share LIVE this year, we’d love to help! Click to schedule a call with a Dare 2 Share LIVE representative who can answer any questions you may have and help you get set up. You can also give us a call at 1-866-448-0272.

The Dare 2 Share staff are happy to chat about any challenges you might be facing in your specific context. And there’s an entire portal of resources available to you once you register!

There’s still time to sign up, but don’t wait too long! We will accept through the morning of Saturday 10/10/20.

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