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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

The 5 Best Fall Youth Group Activities for Your Students

Need some fresh, impactful ideas for fall youth group activities? We've got 5 ideas ready for you to do with your students.



So it’s time to start planning your fall youth group activities, but you don’t want to default to the same-old same-old. We have a list of five fun, impact-driven youth group activities to get your teens learning and sharing the Gospel this fall! Let’s look at the details of each of them.


Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to invite your students to serve those in need in your community. Many cities have local food banks or shelters that you can partner with to plan this event, but rallying your students behind the cause of loving others in Jesus’ name is where the true impact of this event comes from.


Adding a worship night in between your usual weekly youth group activities can be a great way to encourage your students’ individual relationships with Jesus. Fall is always a fun, cozy time of year to do a bonfire outside, so find a good backyard within your church and host a powerful bonfire worship night that students can invite their friends to.


We’ve got to add at least one classic fall youth group activity to this list! A corn maze is a tried-and-true event that helps students get to know each other better, problem solve together, and hopefully have lots of laughs along the way. Of course, you can add your own flair with a talk about Jesus or a shared meal. Either way, this is a great way to cultivate community between the teens in your group.


Everybody loves a good board game, and an indoor board game night is a great fall youth group activity for when the weather cools down.

You can get creative with this one. Maybe do a tournament-style board game night with your whole group, complete with a bracket and an ultimate winner. Or, plan board game nights with smaller groups based on grade or gender. However you plan it, this is a fun time to foster the relationships between your leaders and students. Plus, it’s a super approachable event for teens to invite their unsaved friends to!


Dare 2 Share LIVE is like the Swiss Army knife of youth group activities because it simply does it all.

If you want your students to…

  • Become literate in the true Gospel message
  • Develop a heart for serving their community
  • Connect deeply with God through teaching and worship
  • Have a blast growing closer to each other

… then Dare 2 Share LIVE is a must for your youth group this fall (mark November 12, 2022 on your calendars!). Oh, and this event is fully planned out for you and is FREE to host at your church!

No Fall Youth Group Activity Is Complete Without the Gospel

The main purpose of each of these fall youth group activities is to get students familiar with the Gospel message, relate deeply to Jesus, serve others, and become the body of Christ to each other.

Take these activity ideas and make them your own as you continue to build your Gospel Advancing Ministry! And don’t forget to sign up for the Dare 2 Share LIVE Insider List so you can be the first to know how to use this event to ignite your students’ passion for the Gospel.

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