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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

3 things Dare 2 Share LIVE does that really work

Some events don't get far when it comes to impacting students for Christ. This event is different in all the best ways.



Have you ever taken your students to a youth event that was full of useful information, but as soon as your students left it was almost as if it never happened? Perhaps it wasn’t the transformational experience you had hoped for?

Most events focus on teaching students powerful lessons sometimes accompanied by a fun related activity, but they’re missing a critical component. They don’t give students a chance to turn what they are learning into real action.

If you’ve experienced something like this and are looking for a game-changer in your ministry, this is for you.

Dare 2 Share LIVEa global day of youth evangelism, is coming to you on November 11th. This event empowers students to share their faith through a learn, action, celebrate approach.

  1. It begins with compelling videos featuring multiple speakers who will equip students for impactful Gospel conversations.

  2. Afterward, they’ll put their knowledge into real action by initiating faith discussions in their communities during the allotted outreach time.

  3. Finally, they will conclude with reflection and celebration, fostering Gospel sharing confidence for students, providing effective tools to continue having conversations, and igniting the passion in them for transforming lives through Christ. 




Students get training from different speakers with years of experience in equipping teens for effective and relational evangelism. The content is interactive so students stay engaged. Students know they will be putting what they learn into action later, which further motivates them to pay attention to the content. 



Forbes talks about the importance of putting learning into action stating: “there’s a big difference between absorbing information and putting what you’ve learned into practice. Without doing the latter, the training you’ve received will go to waste.”  

This is why students going out in their communities and truly applying what they were taught by sharing the Gospel, allows them to truly grasp the concepts and why they work. They also get to visibly see the positive effects of sharing the Gospel, making them excited to make evangelism a lifestyle.

For example during LIVE 2022, one student posted:

“Today I watched a grown man fall into tears and give his life to Jesus. Thank you #d2slive for giving me this opportunity to share God’s word and open doors for God to change lives.”



Though action is a key factor in the process, celebrating is equally important. In fact, the University Of Minnesota Extension states: “our brains are wired to respond to rewards. Celebrating the completion of small accomplishments leads to the completion of larger goals.” In addition, Teresa Amabile wrote in a Harvard Business Review article that: “people who tracked their small achievements every day enhanced their motivation.” 

Not only will students be able to celebrate at the end of the event allowing them to enjoy a short term win, leading to bigger goals being set, but their progress will actually be measurable. Students will receive instruction on our Life in 6 Words app that will help them track Gospel conversations during the event, familiarizing them with it, so they can then continue to do so long after the event is over.

Dare 2 Share LIVE provides training, application, celebration, and measurable tracking that allows the impact to continue well beyond the event. Get ready to kickstart a whole movement of youth-led evangelism and watch your students change lives. 

Dare 2 Share LIVE is calling your name – don’t keep it waiting!

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