Put these practical, compelling, faith-sharing tools in your teenagers’ hands.

The Gospel

Sharing the gospel with someone is like taking them on a journey through the story of the Bible. This journey can be explained in a six-letter acrostic that spells out the word GOSPEL.

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Dare 2 Share App

Put the faith-sharing training and tools your students need directly into their hands with the Dare 2 Share mobile app. Equips teens to share Jesus’ message of grace with their friends in their own unique, compelling way.

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Use movies, music, TV and trends in the culture to get your students sharing their faith. This weekly devotion is written to a teenage audience so you can pass it along to your students by reposting, tweeting, forwarding or whatever works best for you. Sign up to get Soul Fuel in your inbox. Our online weekly Group Discussion Guide makes it a great one-lesson curriculum.

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How to share your faith with...

Your students inhabit a diverse world of spiritual beliefs. Their friends may be atheist, agnostics, Buddhist, Deist or whatever. We’ve unpacked 13 predominate worldviews and provided insights and conversation-starting questions to help your teenagers engage in real conversations about Jesus.

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Our evangelistic gospel videos and websites are designed for seekers. Encourage your teenagers to share these websites with their friends who need Jesus.

THE Cause

Making disciples who make disciples is THE Cause Jesus has called all of us to. Mobilize your teenagers for THE Cause.

Teen Tools and Training for THE Cause