A few weeks ago, we were using the Life in 6 Words books as part of our talk. We had a first time attendee who accepted Christ that night and took a book to school the next day. He asked a friend, “If you had to describe life in 6 words, what would you say?” The teen replies, “Sucks.” He gave him the book with a promise to follow up the next day. The next day his friend found him and said, “Two words, ‘thank you.’” What a powerful reminder that the gospel has the power to save! Thanks for all you do to make these resources available!”

Betty, Youth Leader

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The Heart of the Share 6 Campaign Lives On. Introducing Dare 2 Share Live!

The vision of seeing a movement of teen gospel conversations sweep across the nation is taking a new shape on September 23, 2017 in the form of Dare 2 Share Live. Learn how you can support and participate in this exciting national, multi-site event designed to launch a wave of teens having spiritual conversations across the country.

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