Gospel Advancing - Stage 5 - Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.


to the Gospel Advancing movement

You’ve taken the 5 Stages Assessment, and now you’re ready to dive into building your ministry on the power of the Gospel and the potential of teens. Read on to find out more about your starting point.

it’s a journey

Building a dynamic, energetic youth ministry with real Kingdom impact doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve found it’s a journey that typically goes through five distinct stages, as a leader integrates the values of Gospel Advancement into their life and ministry:

  1. Commit: Decide to be a Gospel Advancing leader, paving the way for your students.
  2. Align: Cast this ministry vision to your leaders and help them become Gospel Advancing leaders themselves.
  3. Prioritize:Integrate the 7 Values of Gospel Advancing into your ministry programs, training, and events.
  4. Accelerate: Experience growing excitement among your students and momentum within your ministry, as the Gospel goes deeply into and widely out through your students.
  5. Multiply: Take Gospel Advancing ministry to other leaders within your network and circle of influence.

As with any journey, it will take time to reach your final destination. But don’t get discouraged! God will honor your efforts to Gospelize your ministry.

your starting point

Below is the road map for your Gospel Advancing journey. You’ll find insights, action steps, and tools that will help you along the way.


In addition, you can tap into more encouragement and ideas by joining this group of youth leaders who are also on the Gospel Advancing journey.

your roadmap - MULTIPLY

So it looks like you’ve already built a ministry focused on advancing the Gospel, and the culture of your youth group is all about the mission of Christ. Praying for the lost and sharing the Gospel are normal parts of your ministry, and most of your students are on this journey with you.

Now that your ministry has been transformed and is thriving, it’s time to look for opportunities to help other leaders in your community catch a Gospel Advancing vision as well.

It’s going to take multiple churches working together to reach every teen in your community with the Gospel. Whether you’re a part of an existing youth leader network or you want to start one in your area, incorporating Gospel Advancing values is a great way to infuse vision, energy, and purpose.

Action Steps

  • Identify other churches and ministries in your area you can partner with to begin reaching every teen in your community.
  • Lead a 1-7-5 training for your new network. Identify a bold vision you all can support, and begin building a plan to reach every teen in your community.
  • Go through Gospelize Your Youth Ministry with your network to help other ministry leaders learn how to integrate Gospel Advancing.
  • Get each youth leader in your network to commit to being a Gospel Advancing leader.

“The need is too great to not network. When we’re focused on having 50 kids or 100 kids in our ministry, or we simply want the biggest ministry in town, we’re setting ourselves up to compete against one another. When we shift our focus to reaching every teenager in our community and stealing kids from the largest youth group in town—Satan's—then we can’t help but work together!” –Andrew H.

Meeting with your network monthly is good, but focusing on the right things is so much better. As your network grows into the identity of being Gospel Advancing, it’s time to start being on mission together, not just meeting together.

Action Steps

  • Plan an outreach event, like #GoShareDay, and see what you can accomplish together instead of alone.
  • Use Dare 2 Share LIVE as an annual outreach event for your network. This will help unite your groups and all your students to the vision of reaching every teen in your community.
keep it up

Multiply the movement

Now you’re multiplying the movement to see every teen, everywhere, hearing the Gospel from a friend in your community and beyond! Run with endurance until that mission is accomplished, and know you’re a loved, valued, and necessary partner with us in THE Cause!