Multiply the Gospel Advancing movement - Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Gospel Advancing multiplies into

a movement

Gospel Advancing becomes a movement as it spreads from one youth leader to another.

Disciples are being made and multiplied, and other ministries are beginning to notice what God is doing within your group. You now have some awesome stories to tell of how God is at work and you can share them with other youth leaders who are looking to have the same impact within their group.

multiply out

As new doors open for you to train and “Gospelize” other churches in your community (and beyond!), remember to continue to invest in key student and adult leaders in your ministry. This will reap huge dividends and help build the depth that will help sustain the impact of your Gospel Advancing Ministry.

Helpful Tools

Here are a couple of useful resources that can help you multiply the Gospel Advancing Ministry movement.

Facebook Group

Join the private Gospel Advancing Facebook Group top stay connected to other Gospel Advancing Leaders, share stories, prayer requests and ideas.

Lead THE Cause

A week-long event designed to equip your students to navigate relational spiritual conversations and to become intentional in reaching out to their world with the Gospel.

join the movement

Build a Gospel Advancing youth group

Now more than ever, you will need some friends to have your back – to provide wisdom, insight and encouragement as you and your team lead a ministry that is advancing the gospel and seeing real Kingdom impact in your community.

This group of Gospel Advancing brothers and sisters is here for you. Don’t go it alone!