Mobilize - The Recurring Nightmare: No Clothes!
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

The Recurring Nightmare: No Clothes!



Welcome to Mobilize, Dare 2 Share’s new, weekly e-resource that’s all about helping you build a youth ministry where the gospel is advancing both in and through your teenagers!

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Spend three minutes and watch Greg Stier’s overview video explaining how a Gospel Advancing Ministry philosophy will help take your students deeper with God AND wider into their world with the gospel!

An exciting, transformational movement of Gospel Advancing Youth Ministries is growing across our nation—and across the globe, actually. This free, fresh, laser-focused Gospel Advancing weekly e-resource will provide you with the ongoing, practical help you need to build a healthy, vibrant Gospel Advancing Ministry where lifelong disciples are made and multiplied. If you’re unfamiliar with the Gospel Advancing Youth Ministry philosophy, check out Greg Stier’s brief, three-minute overview video here!

Tongue-Tied, Unprepared, Naked

Did you know it’s a relatively common human phenomenon to have recurring dreams where you show up for something unprepared? For some, it takes the form of a large public speaking event where they have no prepared message and consequently stand there in front of hundreds of people dumbstruck and tongue-tied…embarrassing. Others inhabit a recurring dream where they show up for a class, but had blown off the fact that it was final exam day…that’s a fail. Still others—more dramatically—experience a repeating nightmare where they show up at some big event, and suddenly realize they forgot to get dressed before they left home…panic time!

While we won’t plumb the depths of psychoanalysis or try to interpret these dreams like Joseph did in OT times, there’s likely a common theme here: we humans have a deep-seated fear that we might totally miss something that’s critically important!

Don’t MISS the Assignment!

Here at Dare 2 Share, we’re passionate about helping you prioritize gospel advancement in your youth ministry so you don’t miss something that’s critically important to the heart of God! Jesus has told us to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19)! We’re to be about His mission of Kingdom advancement—and the strategy He’s embedded into the DNA of the church to make disciples who make disciples.

So whether you’re new to the Gospel Advancing Ministry philosophy, or you’re already well on your way down the road toward seeing Kingdom-advancing impact through your youth ministry, we’re here to come alongside you. Mobilize will provide you with a weekly infusion of gospel advancing ideas—practical tools and tactics that will help you develop your own unique, customized recipe for building a Gospel Advancing Youth Ministry. We’ll motivate and mobilize you personally, and help you more effectively pass your passion for pursuing Kingdom impact on to your adult leaders and your students.

Still, we totally get that every youth leader and youth ministry is unique, so all along this gospel advancing journey together, we’ll be encouraging you to freely customize any ideas we send your way so that they best fit your particular style and setting. A Gospel Advancing Youth Ministry will look different for everyone. But that’s cool, because what we’re talking about here is not a “method” of ministry; it’s a “mindset” of ministry that’s built on time-tested values that can be applied in any youth ministry context. In the coming weeks, we’ll begin unpacking seven time-tested values and their practical implications. We’ll help you understand how to make the values foundational pillars of your ministry.

Dr. Larry Acosta, founder of the Urban Youth Workers Institute, bluntly puts it this way: “If we don’t make disciples, we’ve MISSED the assignment!”  A gospel advancing mindset will help you more effectively make disciples who make disciples.

Which is, after all, what Jesus told us to do!


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