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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

I Know Something Amazing About You!



How would you respond if I asked you to tell me something amazing about yourself?

Maybe you’d pull out…

…a social status triumph like, “I have over 1000 Facebook friends!”
…or some sort of odd “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” trivia about yourself like, “My thumbs are double-jointed!”
…or an accomplishment you’re particularly proud of like, “I’ve grown my youth group from 10 teenagers to 100 in six months!”
…or maybe you’re the sentimental type who is daily tuned-in to the fact that you married the most fantastic girl/guy in the whole world!

Now granted, all those are amazing things.

But if you’re a youth leader in Christian ministry, I’m betting that if you really stop and think about the absolutely most amazing thing about you, it’s this:

You have a personal relationship with the God of the Universe—a God who loves you, forgives you and cares for you beyond all measure!

And that really is SOMETHING AMAZING!!

News Too Good to Keep to Ourselves

Sadly, in the busyness of our personal daily lives and our hectic, demanding ministry routines, we sometimes lose sight of this miraculous truth. And our teenagers lose sight of it too.

We all need reminding. Not only because it restores the joy of the Lord deep in our souls. But also because if we really got this—deep down where it really counts—we would be joyfully sharing this stupendous truth with everyone around us. Every chance we got.

And sometimes we (both youth leaders and our teenagers), could use a little nudge and a helpful tool to help us do exactly that. Because this is news too good to keep to ourselves.


That’s why Dare 2 Share has just launched a brand new evangelistic website: www.somethingamazing.net. You absolutely need to check out this new, engaging, seeker-friendly website for teenagers! Using a fresh, creative, animated video, this site communicates the gospel clearly and concisely, and invites teenagers to trust Christ and connect with God.

There’s also a useful “Still Exploring” section with helpful FAQs about God. Plus, a practical, approachable, follow up discipleship video series is provided for new believers. If you have teenagers in your group who are young believers, I think you’ll find these videos provide an engaging, practical tool that can help you get them growing deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

How to Use this Site?

Here a few practical action steps for you to consider taking this week:

  • Check out the “Something Amazing” video and get familiar with the website.
  • Ask your students how they would respond if you asked them to tell you something amazing about themselves.
  • Discuss the amazing nature of our relationship with God once we trust in Christ.
  • Show the video to your youth group.
  • Invite students to trust in Christ in response to the gospel presentation in the video.
  • Share the link with your students by posting it, tweeting it, texting it or whatever.
  • Challenge your teenagers to share the link with at least one friend who needs Jesus this week.
  • Challenge them to have a follow up conversation with that friend after they share the link.
  • Ask your students to report back next week about what happened—good, bad or ugly.

At Dare 2 Share, we’re here to help you prioritize evangelism in your youth ministry. We’re always working to provide you with new, practical, effective tools that will help you mobilize and equip your teenager to share the gospel with their friends. Somethingamazing.net is just the newest tool in the tool belt.

Together, let’s strive to get the Good News out there—until every teenager in America hears the gospel from another teenager they know and trust.

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