Carrie Evans, Author at Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Carrie Evans

Encouragement for Youth Pastors

How to Beat Your Youth Ministry Slump

Even the best youth leaders sometimes feel like they’re failing. Here’s how to give that feeling the boot.

How to Share the Gospel

Sharing with Style

How to help students use multiple approaches to more effectively share the Gospel

Gospel Advancing Ministry

Get Your Team on Board!

Aligning your team is stage 2 of a Gospel Advancing youth ministry. Here are 5 keys to making it happen.

Youth Outreach Ideas

New Year’s Eve Eve?

Want a fun and creative way to ring in the New Year that’s a little unexpected? Tired of planning fun outreach events and having very few people actually bring friends

Youth Outreach Ideas

“Free” Car Wash

Ever seen a sign for a “Free Car Wash,” excitedly driven up, and then felt sort of forced into giving a donation? Or ever led a car wash like that

Youth Outreach Ideas

Breaking Free (Part 2) – Taking it to the Streets

After the youth group bought the supplies, wrote the cards, and assembled the care bags for the homeless, the congregation took them in their cars and shared the good news.

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