Soul Fuel

A weekly teen devotional that you can use with your students as a small group curriculum, Bible study, Sunday School lesson, or to help them in their personal quiet time. Topically driven, these devotions help your students keep the gospel central in their lives and provide practical ways to bring their faith up with their friends.

When Life Drags You Down


I hate it when life drags me down—don’t you?  The day can start off so very swimmingly, and then within minutes… …a parent yells at you …a friend texts with bad news …you feel a cold coming ... Continue Reading...

The Teen Choice and Your Choice


Yes—it’s that time again. Time for the Teen Choice Awards! Since waaaay back in 1999 (can you believe that?), Fox Network has conveyed the coveted surfboards to the most voted celebs in music, movies, ... Continue Reading...

Take Your Guts to School


The clock is ticking and you know it—right? The countdown is on (or for some, already here) for the often dreaded, but totally inevitable, “first day to school.” The big yellow buses will be traveling ... Continue Reading...

We Live in a Rogue Nation!


Most (if not all of us) have things we love about summer… Maybe going to the pool? Taking trips to the lake, beach or mountains? Or just plain old having time off from school and sipping ... Continue Reading...

Pixar and The Apostle Paul


By all accounts, Pixar has done it again… If you haven’t seen it yet, Inside Out is truly a brilliant film that (ironically) will take you through just about every emotion you have inside your ... Continue Reading...

Don’t Live in Paper Towns


Refreshing, isn’t it?  This summer’s “coming of age” movie, Paper Towns, isn’t a flat out, gross out, crass journey through the party scene, nor is it a slushy, mushy drama on sappy steroids designed ... Continue Reading...