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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

How to Create a Thirst for Jesus



“You are the salt of the earth.”    —Jesus

Everyone is spiritually thirsty, whether they know it or not. Our job as believers is to provide that touch of salt that sparks spiritual dialogue with those who need Jesus so that they seek out His life-giving water.

But sometimes one of the hardest things about sharing the gospel for us—and our students—is just getting the conversation started.

So what if there was a quick, easy, engaging, creative way for us to help our teenagers bring God up with their unreached friends?

Reaching the YouTube Generation

Our teenagers routinely use texting, YouTube, Facebook and a multitude of other similar channels to communicate both the trivial and the important to their friends. So it only makes sense to help them use these same channels to share their faith. That’s why Dare 2 Share recently created several short, thought-provoking, free, YouTube Salt clips that Christian teenagers can use to relationally engage others in spiritual conversation.

And we’ve also developed a youth group curriculum that prepares and empowers them for deeper, authentic, give-and-take spiritual conversations with their friends on the very questions introduced in these YouTube clips.

Who Doesn’t Have an Opinion about God?

Let me give you a glimpse. Before you read further, please take 90 seconds right now, click on the video below and watch one of these short YouTube videos. This one’s called “Have You Ever Wondered About God?

I hope you agree that it’s a natural opener to further spiritual conversation. After all, what teenager hasn’t wondered about God, whether He exists and what He’s really like? And who doesn’t have an opinion on the subject? All it takes is a simple “Check out this link, then let’s talk…I want to know what you think.”

Of course, the video clip is just a starting point to help your students get the conversation about God launched.  For maximum impact, your teenager need to be trained and equipped to move the conversation they initiate toward the message of the gospel. And if you’re looking for help in getting them trained, our companion Salt…Creating Thirst curriculum will do exactly that. In this new, five week, youth group resource, Zane Black and I focus in on a different video clip each week. In each Salt lesson we-

  • Walk teenagers through the Biblical teaching on each topic addressed in the various YouTube clips.
  • Help them apply this Biblical truth to their own personal lives.
  • Provide them with specific follow up questions they can ask their friends that will help take the conversation deeper.
  • Coach them on how to sensitively transition to the cross of Christ.

I’m so excited about this great new evangelism training resource! I encourage you to check out the video preview of the curriculum here to see if it’s a fit for your ministry. But whether you choose to purchase the Salt curriculum or not, I want you to know that you’re free to pass the YouTube clip along to your students for them to use with their friends.

Challenge your teenagers to be salt and to hold out the life-giving water that only Jesus provides!

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