Luke's students were made bold for Christ's cause. - Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Luke's Students were Made Bold for the Cause of Christ!

Luke brought his students to a Dare 2 Share conference and his entire ministry focus shifted.

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Luke's Ministry is Changing Lives

Luke Long is a youth leader at Atonement Church. When he started, the church was small and the youth group was just forming. He saw a lot of emptiness and students just going through the motions, not truly living in a daily relationship with Jesus. But in 2007, Luke took his group to their first Dare 2 Share conference. He said “it was like a whole new world,” and he was “blown away by the excellence of the material and the Biblical foundation for it.”

After the first year, he immediately saw immense spiritual growth within his students in boldness and in sharing the Gospel. Students were so pumped up for sharing the Gospel, they started going out together without being asked. For him, it was a complete shift in his ministry focus. Now, as a Gospel Advancing leader, he continues to build momentum in the church through his own initiatives, Dare 2 Share events, and by networking with other Gospel Advancing leaders.

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Dare 2 Share offers free youth ministry resources to help leaders transform their ministries into Gospel-sharing powerhouses, as well as events like Dare 2 Share LIVE and Lead THE Cause that are designed to equip and activate students for reaching the lost in their communities. These initiatives are helping propel the vision of seeing teens everywhere hear the Gospel, forward.