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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Outreach Training Made Easy

Dare 2 Share LIVE Replay places free, high-quality evangelism coaching at your fingertips.



The spiritual landscape is bleak for today’s teenagers: Recent research shows that only about a third of American Gen Z-ers identify themselves as Christians.1 Research and experience also show that the most effective way to grow that number is for teens to personally share their faith with other teens.  

But if your students are going to reach their peers with the Gospel, they need three things:

1. To be inspired for evangelism.

Understanding and embracing the why of evangelism is a vital first step toward teens sharing their faith.

2. To be equipped for evangelism.

All the inspiration in the world won’t matter unless they know what and how to share.

3. To be unleashed for evangelism.

Opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice give students the confidence to share and help them grow in their own faith.

For most youth pastors, inspiring, equipping, and unleashing their teens is easier said than done.

Enter DARE 2 SHARE LIVE REPLAY, a ready-to-go evangelism training. The free download provides high-quality, inspirational videos from Dare 2 Share LIVE 2022 in a plug-and-play format, allowing you to customize the event to perfectly fit your context and schedule.

Even if your group has gone to Dare 2 Share LIVE in the past, you can periodically use these videos—or portions of them—as training refreshers.

DARE 2 SHARE LIVE REPLAY is ideal for youth retreats, DNow weekends, Go Share Days, and youth events.

The free download includes:

  • a detailed event schedule
  • session videos from speakers Greg Stier, Jerrod Gunter, and Zane Black
  • pre- and post-event curriculum
  • access to an event app for Gospel conversation help and tracking
  • tips and ideas for a successful event

Click here to download Dare 2 Share LIVE Replay today.

Or click here for Dare 2 Share LIVE Replay in Spanish! It provides the same great evangelism-training content, delivered by native Spanish-speakers.

1 https://religioninpublic.blog/2022/06/15/gen-z-and-religion-in-2021/

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