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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

5 Free Youth Bible Studies

Low budget? No problem. These no-cost youth group lessons and small group studies are dynamite.



When it comes to student curriculum, “free” definitely does not mean “subpar.” Here are five top-notch youth curriculums and small group or individual Bible studies from five great ministries—all for zero cost. 

1. Identity: Learning Whose You Are by Sonlife 

This fantastic e-book is an insightful Bible study on the key concept of identity in Christ. Students are invited, in this study, to follow in the footsteps of Jesus so they might become more like Him. Identity is ideal for a small group setting, or students can go through it on their own.  

2. Belonging to the Body by LeaderTreks 

Check out this single-lesson curriculum that explores the way each student is individually designed to be an important part of the body of Christ. Belonging to the Body will deepen teens’ understanding of their eternal value—both to God and to others in the Church. Additionally, it will help them think through a Christ-like response to the hatred and demeaning messages that saturate our culture. 

3. Now Grow! by Dare 2 Share 

It’s such an important and life-changing moment when one of your students says “Yes!” to Jesus, but how can you help them in their next steps? Now Grow! 7 Key Questions for New Believers is an invaluable resource to develop their understanding of God—and the habits that help them nurture their relationship with Him—by taking on seven questions every new Christian is asking. You can use it with a small group or have a student go through it individually. 

4. Life Revealed by Alpha 

This amazing, nine-part video-based curriculum is a collaboration between Alpha and the Bible Project and goes through the books of Luke and Acts. If you want to reach young people, help them understand Jesus, and coach them in developing their relationship with Him, this resource is an excellent option. 

5. He Loved Us First by Life Church 

Jesus taught us the importance of love, and so did John, but unfortunately most of your students have distorted views of the real meaning of love. This seven-session curriculum examines the letter of 1 John and helps students understand its implications today. This study comes complete with graphics, slides, handouts, a message outline, a message transcript, and videos.  

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