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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

5 Conversation Starters to Bring Up the Gospel Online

Social media is an awesome tool for spreading the gospel. Share these 5 easy conversation starters with your students to give them ideas on how to share their faith online this week.



As you train your students to share their faith with their friends, do you encourage them to use social media to spark conversations about God? Teenagers are already engaging with their friends online every day. They’ve got the platform and the audience—all they need is some practical training, prayer, and encouragement to start bringing up the gospel!

Thousands of lost and broken teenagers could learn about Jesus from the posts of just a few students. By posting about the hope they have in Christ, your students can truly reclaim social media for good.

Challenge your students to post a few of the following thought-provoking conversation starters, maybe in a Tweet or a Facebook status. Or better yet, challenge them to come up with their own conversation starters to catch their unsaved friends’ attention.

5 Gospel Conversation StartersStudents can start gospel conversations with a simple Facebook status update or a message to an unsaved friend.

  1. Experiencing God’s forgiveness in my own life challenges me to be less judgmental of others because…
  2. Here’s why I know I’ll go to heaven after I die…
  3. My youth group is doing ___________ this week. Come join us!
  4. My personal relationship with Jesus made a difference in my life this week by…
  5. The most hopeful thing in my life is… What do you put your hope in?

Try posting one or more of these yourself on your own social media as you challenge your students to do likewise. Ask them to come back to youth group the next week ready to share what they did and what gospel conversations came out of their posts.

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