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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

3 Keys That Will Unleash Your Teens for Christ’s Cause



THE Cause Jesus has set before every one of His followers is to GO and make disciples who make disciples.

Whether they know it or not, you’re teens who are believers have been called to go on a search and rescue mission for lost souls. As a youth leader, you can help unleash them for this grand cause by incorporating these simple evangelism training components into your youth ministry.

Key #1: Train your teens to present a clear, compelling gospel message.

How many of your teens could clearly explain the good news of salvation to someone who’s never set foot in a church? Even if the opportunity dropped right into their lap, many teens have no idea how to explain the message of the cross.

Yet it’s the most important message on the planet!

So find a clear, simple way for your teens to learn how to share the core essentials of the gospel message.

At Dare 2 Share, we use the GOSPEL Journey acrostic. The Billy Graham Association uses How to Know Jesus. Everystudent.com uses Knowing God Personally. You can choose whatever works best for you. But whatever you use, make sure it presents the full message of the gospel. Then train and equip your students – don’t assume that your teens automatically know how to share the gospel with others.

Note: This key will also help your teens understand and internalize their own faith at a deeper level.

Key #2: Equip your teens to reach their friends with an evangelism strategy that is relational and relentless.

Once your teens know how to explain the message of the gospel, give them an intentional strategy for reaching their friends.

How do they begin this evangelism journey with their friends? Pray-Pursue-Persuade. Challenge your teens to pray for their friends daily, to pursue them spiritually – serve them, love them, and bring God up in conversations, and to persuade them to consider Christ and His message. Persuade means to convince someone in a loving way. At Dare 2 Share, we use THE Cause Circle to coach teens to Pray-Pursue-Persuade.

Key #3: Create an evangelism story telling culture in your youth ministry.

Take a few minutes weekly in your youth group to make evangelism an ongoing priority. Invite 1-2 teens to share a story about a friend they are praying for, pursuing or persuading (and not just the “happy” stories, but the good, the bad and the ugly.) Then challenge other teens to do the same. This will help to make evangelism a priority every week so it becomes part of the DNA of your youth group.

Put on your coach hat and tell you teens you’re putting them in the game! Then encourage them to come back and tell about it. The Book of Acts is an evangelistic story telling book and we should be continuing that story on and on!

Finally, take a minute or two out of each meeting to tell the greatest story ever – the gospel. When you present the gospel regularly, it helps your students see how to do it and how important it is.

By incorporating these 3 keys into your youth ministry you’re laying the groundwork for unleashing your teens to rock their world with the most powerful and important message on the planet. And you’re engaging the missing trigger of evangelism – the catalytic element missing in most discipleship strategies today.

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