Two Amazing Apps You’ll Want to Have for Dare 2 Share LIVE
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Two Amazing Apps You’ll Want to Have for Dare 2 Share LIVE

These two apps from Dare 2 Share make sharing the gospel easy for your students! Make sure everyone in your group has them for Dare 2 Share LIVE.



Dare 2 Share LIVE is going to be a day of equipping and unleashing teens to share the gospel. This year, Dare 2 Share has two incredible apps to help students evangelize during and after the event, so let’s check them out! 

The Dare 2 Share LIVE AppThe Dare 2 Share LIVE App 

The Dare 2 Share LIVE app connects all the students across the country who are participating in LIVE on October 12th. Students can check in on the map after a gospel conversation and see where others are also sharing their faith. The app has resources like conversation starters and helpful tools for students to utilize all throughout LIVE. Download thDare 2 Share LIVE app here.

The Life in 6 Words App 

The Life in 6 Words AppThe freshly updated Life in 6 Words app is an incredibly robust tool to help your students share the gospel on the day of LIVE and beyond. This app makes it easy to walk an unbeliever through the gospel message with its visually compelling, interactive presentation of the G.O.S.P.E.L. acronym. And one of the coolest parts of this app is how you can track who’s in what stage of your Cause Circle (Prayer, Care, Share). We’ve heard from multiple youth leaders that this app is a “game changer!” Download the Life in 6 Words app here.

These sleek, easy-to-use apps are the ideal tools to help students evangelize in their everyday contexts and bring your group together in reaching the lost. Make sure your whole group downloads both apps before Dare 2 Share LIVE. We’ll see you at there! 

Check out more Dare 2 Share LIVE insider information and stories of impact on the LIVE Wire Blog. 

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