How a Simple Youth Group Event Brought 11 Students to Christ
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

How a Simple Youth Group Event Brought 11 Students to Christ

Here's how one local youth pastor combined Dare 2 Share LIVE with a simple youth group event to get his students sharing their faith.



After a catalytic day of gospel sharing at Dare 2 Share LIVE, how do you keep the momentum going in your youth ministryWes Jones, a youth pastor in Broomfield, CO, came up with a simple youth group event for his students to share the gospel right after getting pumped up and trained at LIVEThe result? Eleven of their unsaved friends placed their faith in Jesus! 

The Power of a Simple Youth Group Event 

Wes and his team planned an outreach-focused block party to happen right after LIVE. Each student was encouraged to invite three unsaved friends. They rented inflatable bounce houses, had tons of snacks, and made sure it was an event that appealed to unchurched kids. 

But the night wasn’t just fun and games. After the hangout time, they gathered all the students and presented the gospel. First, three student leaders—two high schoolers and one middle schooler—got on stage and shared their testimonies. Then came the part where all of Wes’s students put their relational evangelism skills to the test.

We gave our students about 45 minutes to huddle up with their unsaved friends and talk about God and faith,” Wes explained. “We came up with a list of 25 questions for students to ask their friends and to prompt gospel conversations.”

They showed the “Falling Plates” video from Cru and Dare 2 Share’s “Life in 6 Words” video featuring Propaganda to get students thinking even deeper. Finally, Wes took the mic and explained the gospel message one more time. In response, eleven unsaved students decided to trust in Christ!

Wes’s creativity in this event teed his students up to live out relational evangelism in an awesome way. We hope this story inspires you to keep giving your students the opportunities to share the gospel with their friends all year long! 

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