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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

“There’s Nothing Else Like Lead THE Cause”

There a million and one youth ministry summer events to choose from, but there's a reason why Lead THE Cause is like nothing else.



Out of all the summer events you could take your youth group to, how do you know which one will be worth the investment?

For all the time, money, and planning that often goes into a big summer event, you want to know that your teens will come home with more than just a temporary spiritual high. If you desire to see your students grow in their faith and learn to live out the Great Commission for the long haul, then Lead THE Cause (LTC) is an event you should consider putting on your 2019 calendar.

LTC isn’t your typical youth ministry summer event. Students who attend LTC leave knowing the gospel message inside and out. They come away with gospel-sharing skills and real-world practice under their belt, and they’ll have a bold vision to take what they’ve learned back home to their lost friends.

Summer after summer, we’ve heard stories of how a week at LTC transformed the lives of individual students, youth pastors, and entire ministries as they learned to keep the gospel front and center in everything they do. One high school student named Levi said of LTC, “There’s nothing else like Lead THE Cause because at everything else, you maybe learn about [evangelism]. But at Lead THE Cause you actually take what you learn and you go out into the city and share.”

Here’s Levi’s full take on Lead THE Cause:

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As you build your youth group’s calendar this year, ask hard questions like, “Will this event truly help my students deepen their faith and their desire to live for God?” While other summer camps and missions trips can be amazing experiences for your teens, Lead THE Cause provides the training, outreach experiences, and spiritual growth that many other events just simply can’t offer.

“I feel a lot more confident in sharing my faith now that I did this,” Levi said after his experience at LTC. This is the kind of statement that we all want to hear from our students after investing in a big summer event.

If you want to know more information about this incredible week of gospel training, request your free Lead THE Cause 2019 Info Kit today.

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