Church Network Finds Room at (Quality) Inn for Jesus - Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Church Network Joins Ranks to Find Room at the (Quality) Inn for Jesus


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Near the center of the United States, several youth groups in North Platte, Nebraska are doing something a little different with their upcoming Dare 2 Share LIVE event. With limited options available on September 23rd for a venue large enough to host Dare 2 Share LIVE, this group of groups found room at the inn—the Quality Inn. They’ll be hosting this big event at a local hotel’s convention center. 

I interviewed Jim Strecker, one of the drivers behind the North Platte event, and asked him how and why this church network linked arms for LIVE. “Our area network was a collection of youth workers that had little focus as a group,” Jim acknowledged.” Dare 2 Share LIVE offered a larger picture for our group to be involved in.”  

So when he pitched the idea of Dare 2 Share LIVE to the network, everybody was in. Here’s their story… 

North Platte Network’s Story [The Interview]: 

How many groups are joining together at the Quality Inn? 

Here in North Platte we have a diverse group of churches and para-church organizations. Right now our group represents over seven different churches as well as YFC, and high school and middle school FCA groups. 

Why did these groups decide to come together for Dare 2 Share LIVE? 

Many individuals in leadership with these groups have experienced Dare 2 Share conferences firsthand in the past. There was immediate excitement at the opportunity to have Dare 2 Share in our community. But running deeper and stronger is our shared vision to see students and families transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Have you done something together like this before? If so, what? 

I am fairly new to North Platte. As a local network, we have come together for a few events such as a dodgeball tournament and S.Y.A.T.P. rallies. 

As Dare 2 Share LIVE approaches, what are your groups looking forward to most? 

As Dare 2 Share LIVE approaches, we are looking forward to a variety of things. Some are excited to have an event of this caliber in our region, some are excited to be a resource to our larger region, others are excited to see everyone come together. 

The thing I am looking forward to the most is seeing who God is going to raise up to stir gospel conversations. In our region, marching band is as serious and intense as football. Many of our key students will miss the event due to marching band. That means God will call the unexpected to make a big impact this school year!  

If other churches in other states like your idea of bringing several groups together, what advice/recommendations would you give them? 

It sounds cool (and it will be cool!) that we are renting a local conference center for Dare 2 Share LIVE. But this came about out of necessity. As we looked for an available venue in North Platte, only the Quality Inn was available. Being at the Quality Inn gives us a neutral site as it places us closer to the main roads and food options. 

Do all of the church groups joining you have similar visions/passions/shared values? Was this helpful in your decision to come together for this event? 

Yes, the churches in our group have come together around our love for Jesus, our love for students and our passion for students to know Jesus. 

Having an area network in place with shared values made this an easy decision. But knowing that partnering with Dare 2 Share would strengthen our focus on the gospel, made choosing to host Dare 2 Share LIVE an easy decision that will have an eternal impact in the lives of students in our town and region. 

Need for The Gospel 

Overall, Jim underlines that, “The intention [of their church network] is that North Platte and the surrounding region are in dire need of the gospel. I am pumped that North Platte can be a host location for Dare 2 Share LIVE and I am praying that many from the surrounding communities will join us on the 23rd [of September] and spark a gospel conversation to change a generation.” 

And when it comes down to it, that’s really what Dare 2 Share LIVE is all about; sparking a movement of gospel conversations to reach the next generation for Christ.  

Still need to register your group for Dare 2 Share LIVE? Find the host site location nearest you on our locations page and invite your network of youth leaders (and their students!) to join you.

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