Meet Your 2019 Speakers: Jon Burdette - Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Meet Your 2019 Speakers: Jon Burdette

Lead THE Cause might be an event for students, but Jon Burdette can tell you how powerful it is for adults too. Check out his LTC story!



Jon Burdette is a dude who is serious about the gospel. He’s been a youth pastor, a church planter and a lead pastor. Today, he’s a full time evangelist for a ministry called Every Believer a Witness, training church leaders to equip their congregations to share their faith.

Throughout his whole ministry experience, though, there was one event Jon attended that fanned his passion for seeing the gospel spread like nothing else. What was it? Yep—Lead THE Cause!

Jon is joining us as a speaker at the Lead THE Cause event in Austin, TX this summer and we can’t wait for you to learn from him. Check out his thoughts on LTC below:

1. LTC training is just as much for adult leaders as it is for high school students. How did LTC impact your ministry when you were a church planter and pastor?

“The first year I attended LTC, I was transitioning from the role of youth pastor to church planter/pastor. It was the most powerful event I’ve ever taken students to or attended myself. It was the last “youth event” I would ever attend as a youth pastor, and I was amazed at how much it prepared me to lead a church plant.

Lead THE Cause provides as much training for leaders as it does students, and since it’s based on the 7 values of a Gospel Advancing Ministry, it is applicable church-wide. LTC provided training and resources that I used to equip all of my leaders and staff. We launched as a Gospel Advancing Church where evangelism and disciple making were in our DNA, and top priority from the start. It was so amazing that I returned to LTC the next year as a lead pastor and brought my entire staff and other leaders with me (yes, even our media guy)!”

2. How did LTC influence your decision to become a full-time evangelist with Every Believer a Witness?

“I was so impacted personally by LTC that I approached Greg Stier after the last session and asked to help out in some way. I’m not exactly sure what I was asking, I just knew God was doing something amazing through LTC and I wanted to be a part of it. Over time God opened doors for me to travel and train students and youth leaders all over the country.

God used Dare 2 Share and LTC to sharpen my understanding of an Ephesians 4 evangelist and prepare my heart to receive His call. Now through Every Believer a Witness, I lead church-wide evangelism trainings and help pastors create and maintain a culture of evangelism in their churches.”

3. What do you hope youth leaders learn at LTC this summer?

“I want youth leaders to learn how valuable and vital they are for every teen everywhere to hear the gospel from a friend. As leaders, we must each do our own part through prayer and evangelism in our personal lives and ministry programming. I am praying for every youth leader to go ‘all in’ this summer, and to lead their teams and their teens to faithfully seek God’s face and share His grace!”

Lead THE Cause is THE event that will train your students to make disciples for the rest of their lives. Don’t miss out on seeing them inspired, equipped, and unleashed to take the hope of the gospel to their world!

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