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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

“We Saw A DNA Transfer” – A Colorado Youth Group’s Story



When Nathan Smith’s youth group in small town Kiowa, CO, graduated half their students, he didn’t know how his youth group would recover. Then entered Lead THE Cause…

Check out Nathan’s amazing testimony of how God brought revival to the hearts of his students, his church, and his community after a week at LTC.

This last year is a year I will never forget. About 18 months ago our high school ministry graduated half our students. They were popular team captains and they loved Jesus. We were left with many apathetic non-leaders who had depended on that older group to do everything.

The Kiowa, CO youth group has seen growth and gospel advancement since attending LTC.

As a student pastor of ten, years I was terrified and didn’t know if we could recover from losing such a great group of seniors. So, last spring, after prayer, we decided to take 7 students to Lead THE Cause. At that event we saw a DNA transfer. My students found a spark and a passion and goals they could realize.

We set the goal to share the complete and clear gospel 200 times. When we arrived home, we went to work. After a week or two our senior pastor sat in my office and said, “What did you do to my daughter?” and asked me to train him so we could train the entire church.

Nathan Smith’s students are excited to go share the gospel with their friends.

This year our small student ministry in a tiny town church shared the gospel 300 times, saw 25 salvations as a result of gospel shares by our high school team and many students began discipleship. Our adults also began training and we saw about 10 adults accept Christ. The pastor and I started to notice a lot of faces we didn’t recognize. In a 4 month period, in a church of just under 200, we saw 100 first time visitors.

We didn’t push a “come to church” thing, we just taught our people to share and care for their neighbors and friends. God brought the people and many of them have stayed. We spent the summer sharing with people and are now taking this to ministries all around us.

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