Instill a Biblical Disciple-Making Model into Your Group's DNA
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Instill a Biblical Disciple-Making Model into Your Group’s DNA


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If one of your students were asked, “What is youth group all about?”, what would their response be? Would they say it’s a time to sit and learn about Jesus, a social setting for Christian teens, or a place where they’re accepted? Even though none of these answers are bad, if that’s all youth group offered, the church would cease to grow.

That’s why at the heart of Lead THE Cause, we believe students should learn how to engage their faith at a deeper level by learning and practicing the ins and outs of sharing it with others.

How We Accomplish This

Lead THE Cause breaks down what it looks like to be a disciple, gives students and youth groups tools and experiences to practice praying for friends and family with passion, shows them how to pursue those people with love, and points them towards effective and healthy ways of persuading those people with truth (by explaining truths, consistently encouraging, and always extending grace). By the end of the week, students and youth leaders walk away with a custom plan of multiplication to take home to their communities to continue what they began at Lead THE Cause.

What Your Youth Group’s DNA Will Look Like After

The majority of students who attend youth group consume the weekly message, but don’t take it any further. Like a sponge that absorbs milk, after a while, the message begins to sour in the teens. Consequently, many students become spiritually fat and/or lose all zeal for their faith. Lead THE Cause encourages students to wring themselves out by taking what they learn during the week (the absorption) and immediately giving them a chance to share their faith with others (the wringing out). Additionally, this week sets youth groups up for creating a custom plan (“wringing opportunities”) to reach family and friends back home with the gospel.

As you engage your students in this plan, you’ll begin to see them take ownership of their faith by actively joining in Christ’s Cause to make disciples. When this happens, the very DNA of your youth group transforms from consumeristic to evangelistic.

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