How Will a Week at Lead THE Cause Transform Your Ministry?
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

How Will a Week at Lead THE Cause Transform Your Ministry?

Lead THE Cause is week of gospel training that will transform your students' faith, your own ministry strategies, and your entire youth group!



A week at Lead THE Cause (LTC) can completely transform unsure, timid teens into bold ambassadors for the gospel, and it’s incredible to witnessAnd as a youth leader, watching your students undergo this life-changing, faith-bolstering experience can change the way you do youth ministry forever.

Here’s what three youth leaders had to say about their Lead THE Cause experiences.

“Using the experiences and trainings I received at LTC, I have been able to train hundreds of Disciple Makers who have gone throughout Australia and throughout the world. I would not have been able to do this without first attending LTC… I hope to return every year to be reenergized and reconnected with the Gospel Advancing community and training.” – Callum Thomas, Gospel Advancing Partner in Australia   

“We sponsored a student to come [to LTC] who is marginally connected.  She is outgoing but has always distanced herself from the ministry and leaders. While she was having a gospel conversation on the boardwalk, she shared with a gentleman  how much she feared rejection. She shared how porn had caused her to isolate and shame herself and to fear rejection. But after she had experienced sharing the gospel and sharing hope, she has committed herself to THE Cause. She said she isn’t going to let her past hinder her from being used to change other people’s futures!” -Brandon Van Dyk, Youth Pastor in California

“Our youth group was small and struggling last summer. We went to LTC in Washington, DC and for the first time had some solid student leaders go with us. Long story short, one of our kids came home and rocked her volleyball team! She started sharing the gospel with friends and inviting them to church. Before we knew it, four girls from the team got saved and two others who were already saved caught that fire to help reach their friends. They became so committed to the church that they actually got a volleyball game cancelled on a Wednesday because they all said they wouldn’t miss church to play! Pretty awesome!” -Shane Winkler, Youth Pastor in Kentucky

Whether it’s watching your students grow exponentially in their faith or experiencing an “aha!” moment yourself, Lead THE Cause will help you focus on the gospel and increase the effectiveness of your youth ministry.

Want to learn more about Lead THE Cause before making your plans for the 2019 summer? You can request your LTC Info Kit here, or go ahead and register your group if you’re ready!

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