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Helping youth leaders empower
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How the Church is Responding to Covid-19 [resource: popular christian prayers]



Covid-19 Hardest Trial in Memorable History

Covid-19 is the hardest trial in memorable history for everyone. Trials reveal the true colors of someones heart. Whether it is good or bad it will be shown during difficult momentsIn this season of Covid-19 the true colors of the church has started to burst – the Holy Spirit. We have seen a powerful response with the modern-day church during this time. 

We have leaders and organizations rising up with a voice to encourage the body of believers to handle this time in faith. As we stay updated with current news and doctor advice, also we need to stay updated with what the church is doing in this time. Along with that, believers need to focus on how the church is responding and participate in where we can encourage.  

Tim Keller

 Tim Keller’s, Gospel Coalition, has taken the time to write about what the early church can teach us about Covid-19. They mention that the early church estimated 5,000 people would die a day at the height of an outbreak. However, that did not scare the early church but motivated them. Instead, of being fearfully and perplexed the early Church used that time to further their faith in prayer 

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel, the founder of Life.Church, caught Covid-19 from speaking at a Christian conference in GermanyHis response to being quarantined was, “The good news is, I’ve gotten time to prayI’ve written sermon outlines through like, the end of May. Craig used his time of solitude to push not only his own faith but the faith of his congregation as well.  

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

There are so many Church leaders out there allowing the Holy Spirit to explode out of them to reach the lost. Another great leader has been the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This association has created a prayer phone line (1-888-388–2683). This prayer line is open 24 hr. 7 days a week dedicated to pray for people that call in anxious about Covid-19. 

Greg Stier

Even our very own Greg Stier has been doing a series called You Can’t Quarantine the Gospel. This series holds daily devotionals and curriculum packages educating believers on a faithful perspective during Covid-19. In his week 1 curriculum series he sheds light on the importance of prayer during this time. 

Church’s Responses to Covid-19 is Prayer

These are only a few examples how the modern-day church is responding to Covid-19.  Notice a common theme throughout these examples? The church is responding to the pandemic with prayer. Only prayer can bring joy in a time of distress. In the act of giving your life to Jesus can we can find excitement in trauma. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts in times of emptiness we will find meaning and purpose. During this season, of forced stillness we need to let it create a prayerful spirit inside us all.  

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is an invitation and access to the heavenly realms providing communication not just from heaven to earth but from the Father’s heart to our hearts. Through prayer we are able to see and perceive. In prayer we can hear and understand. When we pray our hearts become soft and remain soft to be vessels of the Holy Spirit.  

Prayer unites and electrifies the body of believers to advance God’s plan. When we pray, we do not only move mountains in our personal lives but it shifts the mountains in people’s lives around us. Holy Spirit inspired prayers keep us in line with the Father’s heart so that we do not become deceivedPrayer is a form of participation for being a believer and the response to our salvation. This is an obligation and an invitation to the Father’s heart that we will never experience unless with choose to participate. 

Popular Christian Prayers

Through prayer it shows God that we want and are willing to be a part of His greater plans. In addition, we need to show God that we want to be apart of His greater plan. Attached are three prayers that are already created by Christian organizations that are choosing to pray in this crazy timeAllow these prayers to encourage you to come alongside the modern-day church and pray through this time.  

World Evangelical Alliance Prayer – 


World Vision Prayer – 

The Church of England Prayer – 

PDF – Attachment Prayers During Panademic

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