How YOU Can Help Spread the Word About D2S LIVE - Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

How YOU Can Help Spread the Word About D2S LIVE

Whether you're a student, parent, youth leader, or simply someone who wants to see teens spread the gospel, YOU can help spread the word about Dare 2 Share LIVE!



How does a nationwide, teen-led movement of gospel conversations happen? Well, not all at once. It starts small, like a pebble in a pond that makes a tiny impact before expanding into a giant ripple over time.

In this case, the pebble is what goes on inside local youth groups and the hearts of individual teenagers before all the big stuff begins. A nationwide gospel movement happens as one-by-one, teens decide to go all in, give their lives to Christ, and then go tell others about Him.

Dare 2 Share LIVE is going to be a day that, we pray, will spark this teen-led movement of gospel conversations across the country, all the way from Alaska to Puerto Rico. Whether you’re a teenager, a parent of one, a pastor, or simply someone who wants to help the teens you know rock your city with the gospel, you as an individual can help propel the ripple effect of this powerful event in the weeks leading up to October 13!

The Dare 2 Share team has been busy building some great, easy-to-use promotional resources to get you started as you share the news about LIVE with others. You can find all the resources on the Spread the Word page, or take a look at these specific resources to get sharing right away:

Spread the Word Resources

  • Share the “What is Dare 2 Share LIVE?” video
    • Dare 2 Share founder Greg Stier explains exactly what LIVE is and what students will experience on October 13. This is a great link to send to those who have never heard about Dare 2 Share LIVE. Total video time = 1:29
  • Cool social media posts to share
    • Download these easy-to-use graphics to post on your channels and send to your friends. Be sure to include the hashtags #RockYourCity and #Dare2ShareLIVE when you can.
  • Purchase a promo pack
    • A Dare 2 Share LIVE promo pack gives you all the cool products you need to spread the word. There are two different promo pack options:
      • Basic Promo Pack: This basic pack includes one #RockYourCity shirt, one poster, some fliers, bracelets, and more.
      • Awesome Promo Pack: This awesome pack includes double the promo material found in the Basic Pack, plus a few more things.

The countdown is on for Dare 2 Share LIVE and we’re thankful for your partnership in making this the best event possible! We can’t wait to see how God uses an army of teenagers to advance the gospel and start a nationwide movement. Thanks for helping us spread the word and we can’t wait to see you on October 13!

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