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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Grow the Faith of Your Students

Keeping students invested in their faith can be hard, but never hopeless. At LTC, students learn to own their faith through gospel training and getting practice in the real world.



It’s no secret that a major challenge to youth ministry is keeping students committed as they get older. According to an article by Barna Group on young adults and the church, “about three out of ten young people who grow up with a Christian background stay faithful to church and to faith throughout their transitions from the teen years through their twenties.

If we want more than three out of ten students to have a real commitment to faith after high school graduation, how can we encourage them to be truly invested in the church and THE Cause of Christ right now?

Should we provide more fun games, all-nighter events, and a cooler youth room? Do we give more compelling sermons, or start wearing skinny jeans to better relate to the younger generation?

I’m joking about the skinny jeans of course (let’s not scar the kids…), but the other options can seem like valiant efforts to retain students and get more kids in the door to hear the gospel.

However, at the end of the day, if the focus of youth ministry shifts to giving students a good time while we neglect to give them opportunities to own their faith, students will only get a fun experience and not a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Calling Students to Rise to the Challenge

At Dare 2 Share, we believe the best way to get students to go all in for THE Cause is encouraging them to share their faith and experience the power of evangelism for themselves. Helping teens gospelize their world is the heart behind everything we do, and it’s why we’re so passionate about Lead THE Cause happening again this summer.

Lead THE Cause is an intensive one-week gospel training and urban mission trip designed to help students become disciples who make disciples. At LTC, students are trained to share the gospel and then get to practice the Great Commission in the real-world. We’ve heard powerful stories from students and leaders who have experienced exponential growth through their experiences at LTC.

Being used by God to bring someone to Christ is often the turning point in a teenager’s passion for their faith. As someone with spiritual influence over your students, don’t miss this opportunity to help them develop a commitment to live for Jesus, both now and after they leave your youth group!

If you’re ready to experience this week of growth and impact, register your group now for one of five LTC locations across the country. Or if you want more information on what your students will be learning and how to get to LTC, make sure to request your free Info Kit today. We can’t wait to see you at Lead THE Cause 2018!

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